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Are you ready for the new National Curriculum?

Will you still use levels or will you use end of year outcomes? With B Squared you can have both! We are updating levels with the updated objectives and outcomes from the new National Curriculum and developing year based breakdowns. This will allow schools to choose how they assess and show progress. We believe a large number of schools will continue to use levels, but our new breakdown will incorporate the new objectives the Government have added. Existing customers will be able to transfer their data from the old curriculum to the new curriculum giving an easy transition.

For more information on the new National Curriculum click here.

B Squared have been leading the assessment market for over 15 years, producing assessment across the curriculum for P Levels, National Curriculum, Foundation and the Pre-Entry Level and Entry levels of the Adult Curriculum.

Our detailed assessment offers many unique benefits that are crucial for allowing children to reach their potential. By combining extreme flexibility with our detailed assessment our software can be used with pupils working on very low P Levels to pupils working on the upper National Curriculum. The information recorded can be used in many different ways, as part of annual reviews or reports, early intervention, self-assessment, identify strengths and weaknesses in pupil's knowledge and identify strengths and weaknesses across a whole school.

Connecting Steps has moved to the cloud, this means we look after your data and you can access it whenever and wherever you want. We keep your data safe and secure for you, ensuring all access is secure and remove the need for data to be stored on laptops or mobile devices.

The Connecting Steps iPad app allows for easier and more frequent recording of assessments. Teachers can use the app to record observations in the classroom, not only marking a skill achieved, but also commenting on how it was achieved to help tell the story of the child's progress. The app has been designed to help share information in meetings or reviews; teachers can discuss the information and drill down to see the causes or see the effect extra support has had on a pupil's progress.

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