Delivering pupil-focused assessment to show sustained progress

Barndale House School

“Working with B Squared, we have found an assessment system that we can intrinsically link into our ambitious curriculum – from Early Years through to Preparation for Adulthood. This means we can now see the sustained progress our pupils are making.” 

Mark Phillips, Headteacher, Barndale House School
Barndale House School is using
B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software and the frameworks listed below to assess ALL of its pupils across a range of abilities in one system.

Early Steps for assessing pupils on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 2021) from birth to the Early Learning Goals and beyond.

Progression Steps covering an ability range from Pre-Key Stage Standards up to pupils working towards the lower GCSE grades.

Steps4Life for pupils with SEND who are working towards independent living. Designed to help Prepare for Adulthood, it covers academic, life and employability skills.

Our evidence of learning tool, Evisense, is also used to capture evidence to support assessment and encourage parental engagement.

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Delivering pupil-focused assessment to show sustained progress

Barndale House School is a small all-through SEND school in North Northumberland, predominantly meeting the needs of children and young people with Autism. The school considers itself incredibly fortunate to have a residential provision, so its curriculum can be extended beyond the school day to support the transition to adulthood. This approach is embodied in the school motto, “What I learn today, prepares me for tomorrow.”

Before working with B Squared, the school was using PIVATs and some other adapted assessment and curricular packages. According to Headteacher, Mark Phillips, “B Squared was introduced in response to an Ofsted inspection where assessment and the curriculum were deemed not appropriately pitched towards pupil needs and staff were not able to share or comment on pupil progress accurately enough.”

Establishing and assessing an all-through curriculum

“B Squared has supported us in building our all-through curriculum. It has helped us structure our curriculum delivery and ensure we can accurately capture progress. The three curriculum pathways we have in school align with the Connecting Steps assessment frameworks. So as pupils transition through school and move frameworks, their prior knowledge and skills transition across with them.”

“B Squared’s ‘Steps’ approach breaks achievements into smaller and more manageable stages. This has allowed us to more accurately identify each pupil’s developmental stages for knowledge and skills.”

Linking evidence of learning to pupil progress

“Using Evisense to manage our evidence of learning, enables teachers to create marking trackers to directly link evidence to pupil assessments. It has also made it easy to engage parents, carers and families in their children’s learning journey with us.”

Pupil-focused assessment

“Assessment is a substantive task for our teachers. Which is why we opted to focus on the Progression Steps core curriculum first, adding foundation subjects later. We aim to streamline this further, as staff do not always need to look at ALL the criteria. Our pupil-focused assessment has been developed to ensure we are sharing how a pupil is progressing year on year, not for external reasons, but so we can value what we are doing internally and continue to improve.”

“For our school, having Connecting Steps as an all-through assessment package that runs alongside our curriculum was the most important aspect. Using it with Evisense means we can also capture the progress each pupil makes as they learn – and we can easily share these successes with parents.”    Mark Phillips, Headteacher, Barndale House School

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