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BETT 2016: B Squared have available a range of new products they are bringing to market

B Squared has been providing market leading assessment products for 20 years, and is used to track pupil progress in over 3,000 schools. At BETT 2016, we will present a host of new features developed to enhance and expand our existing framework. We will have a live demonstration of Evisense, a new web application that will capture key events in a child's journey through their schooling, and present our new autism assessment, as well as progress tracking across Key Stages 3 & 4.

Evisense has been developed as a Teacher's Tool to store evidence of a pupil's progress and achievements via photos, videos, schoolwork and associated comments. It will span a child's complete education, from Early Years, through Primary and Secondary education and into early adulthood. As well as demonstrating progress and achievements, Evisense will also help teachers with moderation of their pupils' work, and act as a key communication tool both internally and with parents. Teaching staff will be able to access the system via iPads, Android tablets or a web browser, making access as easy as possible across multiple platforms. In order to ensure safe and secure storage of data, Evisense will be available as a hosted service, so all information is stored on our secure servers. We are already established as providers of reliable hosting, schools already trust us with data for over 87,000 pupils, and on average 32,000 assessment points are added into our Connecting Steps software every day. Importantly, schools will be able to use Evisense as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with our existing Connecting Steps tracking software, ensuring the evidence is in place to support progress recorded. 

We will also showcase our Connecting Steps software, which tracks progress across EYFS, P Scales P1(i)to P8, and all subjects of the new National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 & 2. Our assessment products have traditionally been tailored to the SEN and Primary sector, but we have been working with a group of schools in Leeds to develop progress tracking across Key Stages 3 & 4, expanding our product portfolio into Secondary education. Our aim is to provide schools with a means for predicting GCSE and certain BTEC qualifications. On our stand, you can learn more about all curriculums covered by our Connecting Steps software, as well as information on our Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM). This is an upgrade to our GAP analysis module, and offers unsurpassed ability to compare data across whole year groups, and assists in the creation of reports essential for Ofsted, Governors and Senior Management. 

 An additional feature for 2016 is our new autism assessment. This has been developed with Autism Progress, a new social enterprise which combines over 130 years' experience and expertise from three charities - Autism Wessex, Scottish Autism and the North East Autism Society. Using the framework already created by B Squared, the developers at Autism Progress have created a set of progressive levels in the following areas of autism: Communication; Flexible Thinking; and Social Interaction, including Emotional Regulation.

The resulting profile will accurately assess the impact of a person's autism and guide the development of targeted support strategies, which are tailored to the developmental stage of each individual. The new assessment will be available as a handbook, in both digital and printed format; the breakdowns will be available in digital format, with the autism descriptors available as part of our B Squared Connecting Steps software. 

"2016 promises to be a very exciting year for B Squared" said Dale Pickles, Director of B Squared "We are particularly excited about Evisense, a brand new product being added to our portfolio. It can be used worldwide, and will help all teachers to provide evidence of progress for their pupils, as well as providing an excellent means of communication and collaboration with parents and pupils."

 "The addition of the new autism assessment, and Secondary tracking will also be an excellent addition to our Connecting Steps framework, expanding our reach into Secondary schools. At the BETT Show 2016, we look forward to showing delegates how we can help schools record and track progress, and how we are striving to improve and expand our product portfolio to meet the ever-changing needs of the education sector."

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