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The B Squared Team

These are the amazing people that make up B Squared. A small, close family who are great at supporting each other as well as all our customers.

Dale Pickles

Managing Director

Dale Pickles is our fearless leader. He works with schools all over the UK to help deliver best practice, reduce teacher work load and help schools move forward with assessment. Dale has spoken at conferences such as The Autism Show and TES SEN show, he has written articles for Education Technology and Assessment and Development Matters. He regularly hosts B Squared's webinars discussing issues such as "What is 'good'progress?"

Jon Twycross

Chief Product Officer

Jon is B Squared's Chief Product Officer, he oversees the development of all new products, focusing on designing new solutions to enhance our software and integrating new features and improvements to help teachers manage their workload. He is responsible for ensuring all school data is safe and secure. Jon also contributes to the B Squared blog explaining subjects such as GDPR.

Alex Hurle

Education Lead

Alex heads up our education team, he writes our assessment frameworks, ensuring they meet Government guidelines and the needs of our teacher customers. Alex is passionate about education, a is a teacher with over 10 years’ experience including several years' worth of classroom-based experience.

Tor Pickles

Assessment Specialist

Tor is a teacher with over 12 years’ experience across both Primary and Secondary education. Tor has worked as part of the senior leadership team, helping drive school developmnent. Tor is part of the Education team, developing new content for Connecting Steps software. She also closely monitors DfE policy updates, incorporating changes and curriculum updates into our assessment framework.

Sarah Baker

Marketing Specialist

Sarah is one of Marketing Specialists, she works to communicate all our new products and new features to schools. She helps develop our websites, creating the content and designing the layout. Sarah is also responsible for a lot of the graphics you see on our wesbites. Sarah works with Nicola on our social media presence.

Nicola Davies

Marketing Specialist

Nicola is one of Marketing Specialists, she organises all our events and works with Sarah to keep our customers and potential customers up to date with what we are doing. Nicola writes a lot of the content for the websites and our communications. Nicola works with Sarah on our social media presence.

Catherine Welsh

Head of Sales

Catherine co-ordinates all Sales initiatives across our product portfolio. She is also responsible for generating quotes and dealing with any financial queries regarding client accounts. Anyone booking presentations and training sessions will also find that Catherine is their main point of contact.

Lisa Baber

Systems Analyst and Support

Lisa designs and guides development on all new features within our software, continually adapting it to meet schools’ needs. She works with our developers to ensure our product releases stay on schedule and also implements test procedures. Lisa also provides the majority of support for our customers, we have had lots of great feedback on how good her support is!


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