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Meet the Team

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Dale is the figurehead for our organisation. He oversees and manages all aspects of B Squared - from developing the business strategy to recruitment, target setting, budget control and software development. Since joining the Company in 2001, Dale has overseen the evolution of our assessments, from paper-based assessment files to a fully hosted software system.

A self-confessed geek, Dale can regularly be found eulogising about his latest gadget - this is currently Occulus Rift!

Dale Pickles, Director
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Jon oversees the development of all new products, focusing on designing new solutions to enhance our software and integrating new features and improvements. He analyses our system requirements and manages product development, ensuring projects remain within budget and are rolled out according to an agreed timeframe.

Jon bears a striking resemblance to Richard from the popular Guess Who game, a factoid Dale makes sure to regularly remind him about!

Jon Twycross, Chief Product Officer
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Sara is in charge of all financial operations within B Squared, including budgets and financial planning.

Her office mug reads “I’m an Accountant because Super Hero isn’t an official job title” which we all feel is very apt!

Sara Allan, Financial Controller
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Alex works to ensure our assessment framework meets the needs of teachers, while remaining in line with Government guidelines. Responsible for all new content development, Alex is a qualified teacher and has over 10 years’ experience within the education sector, including several years’ worth of classroom-based experience.

Alex is passionate about education and can regularly be found at the chalkface, participating in healthy debates.

Alex Hurle, Head of Education
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Catherine co-ordinates all Sales initiatives across our product portfolio. She is also responsible for generating quotes and dealing with any financial queries regarding client accounts. Anyone booking presentations and training sessions will also find that Catherine is their main point of contact.

Catherine is a fitness fanatic and regularly takes part in charity challenges - but doesn’t like to talk about it!

Catherine Welsh, Head of Sales & Communications
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Sarah works to communicate new features to schools and conducts all post-event follow up. She also collects feedback from schools, to ensure our software continues to meet their assessment needs.

Sarah is a keen sailor and enjoys taking part in amateur races - we are assured that these are yachts with sails and not Sunseekers!

Sarah Baker, Sales & Communications Assistant
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A qualified teacher with 12 years’ experience across both Primary and Secondary education, Tor develops new content for our Connecting Steps software. She also closely monitors DfE policy updates, incorporating any changes and curriculum updates into our assessment framework.

Our resident gym bunny, Tor is currently contemplating her first Tough Mudder.

Tor Pickles, Curriculum Assessment Specialist
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Lisa designs and guides development on all new features within our software, continually adapting it to meet schools’ needs. She works with our developers to ensure our product releases stay on schedule and also implements test procedures.

Lisa is Austrian and we look forward to her returning from trips to her homeland, for the confectionery and cakes she brings us.

Lisa Baber, Systems Analyst

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