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Simplified Pupil Management

Schools can now easily manage pupils within Connecting Steps, using the ZINET Connect application. This tool allows schools to synchronise their management system with Connecting Steps. Any class updates - new pupils, pupils to be removed, children moving up a year group and the creation of teaching groups – recorded within a schools’ MIS will automatically be updated within our software. This will reduce administration time and make Connecting Steps even simpler to set up and use.

ZINET is available for all Connecting Steps V4 hosted customers and is compatible with the following MIS:
• Facility
• Progresso
• Bromcom
• iSams
• ScholarPack
• Furlong
• Arbor

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Upcoming events

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22 Mar 2019
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10 - 11 May 2019
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14 - 15 Jun 2019
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28 - 29 Jun 2019