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Evisense launches to all schools at BETT 2017

Evisense is a revolutionary web-based tool that enables teachers to showcase events from a child’s time in education. Accessible across multiple platforms – including iOS, Android and Amazon Fire apps as well as web browsers – Evisense makes recording and management of evidence easy. Curricular and extra-curricular activities can quickly be captured and uploaded via photos, videos, documents and audio files, updates then annotated and used to support progress recorded via assessment platforms. The unparalleled security features built into Evisense provide a safe environment for schools to moderate, share work and engage parents. As a means of communication, schools can tailor how they use Evisense. Teaching staff can share evidence with parents, electronically or as a printed report, encouraging parental involvement. Evisense can also be used to send newsletters and diary updates, as well as messages to individual parents. As an additional feature, students can be given access to Evisense, contributing to the record of their own learning journey by reviewing and reflecting on their work. 

We have already received excellent feedback from teaching staff, who have found it saves time, alleviates expenditure on data storage and printer ink, and provides an excellent forum for collecting, recording and tracking evidence against assessment outcomes.

We look forward to rolling Evisense out to new customers, both within the UK and internationally. 

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