Paper Assessment

Our paper based assessment has been used in schools for over 20 years and is now in over 8,000 schools.

Our SEN and Primary curriculum assessment breakdowns are available as paper files you can photocopy within your schools. The assessment range has grown over the last 10 years and was updated in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. Our paper assessment portfolio covers P Levels and the Primary National Curriculum. the National Curriculum content is provided in two formats, the end of year outcomes and our own levelling structure called Steps. The Steps are based on the more traditional levelling system and allow schools to use a framework that isn’t directly linked to the pupils age related expectation. This benefits pupils working significantly below age related expectations and how conversations about progress and attainment are structured for these pupils.

The above picture is an example of our individual assessment page and shows how we have broken the curriculum down. By working on individual targets rather than the level as a whole, teachers can show progression through the level. When discussing pupil progression with the pupil or parents, the breakdown gives them a greater understanding of what has been achieved and where the pupil’s weaknesses are. By discussing individual skills, the parents can give more support to the pupil's learning.

Our assessment is called Summative Assessment but if used regularly it becomes a Formative Assessment as you can use your assessment to inform your planning.

Our paper assessment products initially seem more cost effective due to the lower cost. However, the power of the software, ease of access and features means that over a period of time the software is more cost effective. Why not read about our assessment software by clicking here

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