Remote Support

Only run this tool when instructed to do so

We can only access your system when the above tool is running on your
computer and you have provided the password, we cannot access your
computer without your authorisation.

When you run the tool you will be prompted with the window below. You will need to provide the technician with the ID number and the password. The ID for a computer will remain the same, but the password will change each time the tool runs.

You can test we can access your computer by running the tool and checking you are provided with an ID. If the software is blocked the traffic light image at the bottom will be red and you will not receive an ID. If you are not provided with an ID, we cannot connect to your computer. You may be able to get your IT department to allow our software to connect, contact us for more information.

All support sessions are recorded and kept for a year, the session can be reviewed at a later date. All support staff are fully trained Microsoft engineers and will perform a basic system check as part of the support session.


  • We will not support schools in the removal of viruses, malware or spyware.
  • We will not resolve major computer issues that are affecting the computer as a whole.
  • Support is offered remotely, B Squared will not visit the school.
  • Support is available during normal office hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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