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Jon Twycross
Jon Twycross
Jon oversees the development of all new products, focusing on designing new solutions to enhance our software and integrating new features and improvements. He analyses our system requirements and manages product development, ensuring projects remain within budget and are rolled out according to an agreed timeframe.

Jon bears a striking resemblance to Richard from the popular Guess Who game, a factoid Dale makes sure to regularly remind him about!

Cyber Essentials Certification

We have now completed our Cyber Essentials Certification for the year. Whilst this is broad in its approach, it helps to ensure that even the smallest of companies are thinking about online security and helping to keep themselves secure. As a company or school, going through the Cyber Essentials certifications helps draw you attention to the flaws in your internal processes and security. Raising these early helps prevent your system from being compromised. 

This is particularly poignant at the moment as an email phishing attach seems to be making its way across the internet, which encourages people to try and view a message they have been sent, but with a goal of harvesting your login credentials to then use these to send out more emails and perpetuate the problem. Cyber Essentials alerts you to the possibility of this and forces you to think about how you can reduce these risks satisfactorily. In this particular case, good staff training is required to help them understand how they can protect themselves and their/your data.

Cyber Essentials Certificate 2019-2020.pdf


Administering Connecting Steps and Evisense Training Webinar

This is the first webinar on administering Connecting Steps and Evisense. A little while ago, we made a decision to split our training webinars into smaller, more focused ones that allowed us to cover in-depth specific parts of the system, rather than lightly covering the entire system. As it stands, we have never really shown much love to the administrators and the parts of the system they have to deal with on a regular basis. We wanted to change that by delivering a focused webinar on all of the administration tools available to help administrators set up and maintain our systems efficiently. The meeting covers a range of topics such as adding users, students and maintaining those on a regular basis. I also covered all of the settings in both My B Squared and Connecting Steps, and how these affect each system.


If you are an administrator and want to find out more about how to properly administer our systems, then please take a look.

FREE online Connecting Steps training - Don’t miss out!

The second of our new monthly FREE Connecting Steps training webinars took place yesterday.

It’s not too late to access your FREE training. Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here:


Listening to our customers

We know the pressures schools are under and we want to support schools as best we can. Schools are under increasing pressure to show progress for pupils with SEND and although they use Connecting Steps, we have found they don’t know all the different ways they can show progress. Our training webinars allow us to show how easy and simple it is to show progress in different ways and how you can use this to increase engagement with parents.

Learning from experience

This month we focused more on the basics of Connecting Steps, navigating around and the different screens within Connecting Steps. We also covered how to start off, making sure pupils are baselined correctly and using the different levels of experiences and how you can use these to show progress. We have found that schools who have used Connecting Steps for years are unaware of some of the features we have introduced in the last few years and the difference this can make. Teachers who have used us for years often benefit hugely as we may show them a screen they haven’t seen or we explain one of the screens they didn’t understand. Come and join the next webinar to make sure you are getting the most out of Connecting Steps.

Prefer to take part in a LIVE session?

Register now for our next Connecting Steps training webinar taking place at 4pm Tuesday 11 September (we are not running a session in August).

Next webinar - Transitioning to B Squared's new assessment frameworks, 7pm Tuesday 10 July

B Squared has 3 new frameworks that have been developed in response to the Rochford Review: Final Report recommendations and the release of the new pre-key stage standards. This FREE online webinar is designed to inform our existing customers about how our assessment frameworks are changing, how to transition and the effects this will have on your data. This webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to our new assessment frameworks: Engagement Steps; Progressions Steps; Primary Steps
  • How the new levelling structure looks
  • An overview of getting started with Engagement Steps
  • An overview of the differences between the old P Levels and National Curriculum and the new Progression Steps
  • An overview of Primary Steps
  • How to transition from P Levels and National Curriculum to Progression Steps or Primary Steps

Register now by clicking here

FREE online Connecting Steps training – What’s the catch?

It’s true, it’s FREE and in all honesty, there is no catch! Apart from maybe the challenge of finding a quiet place at school to join in one of our online sessions. Find out for yourself - just ask any of the teachers who attended our first FREE Connecting Steps online training webinar which took place LIVE online earlier this week (Tuesday 5 June at 4pm).

Experimenting with webinars

I was bowled over by the great feedback we received from teachers who took part in our very first webinar ‘Introduction to Engagement Steps’, held just a few just weeks ago. The aim of this first session was to introduce our newest assessment frameworks, developed in response to the Rochford Review. This webinar, scheduled outside of school hours on a topic of interest for our teacher customers, proved a big hit! So what next?

Listening to our customers

I spend most of my working week visiting schools, to introduce them to B Squared or train staff on how to use our Connecting Steps assessment software. I have listened to feedback from a number of our customer schools who have identified a training need for their new staff, but due to tight budgets it is not financially viable to pay for someone from B Squared to come and deliver training in-person for a small number of staff. In response to this need, we have decided to offer a FREE Connecting Steps training webinar on a monthly basis (4pm on the first Tuesday of the month). Open to all our Connecting Steps V4 hosted customers, this session is ideal as a refresher for existing users or a starting point for new staff, who can then talk to colleagues at their school about how the software is used within their setting. These webinars have been designed to complement, not replace, whole school face-to-face training which enables us to customise the delivery to meet each school's individual needs.

Learning from experience

This week’s first training webinar has shown me that a basic overview of the software and all its functionality is a bit too much of a squeeze to fit into 30 minutes! So, we plan to extend the next session to 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes questions). We are also considering breaking out some specific areas, such as ‘student baselining’ or ‘CSAM: Connecting Steps Analysis Module’ for more in-depth training (dates/times TBC). If there’s a particular element you would like to see covered in more detail, please do let me know via the comments section below.

Sound good? 

It’s not too late to access your FREE training. Don’t worry if you missed this first training webinar, you can watch the recording here: 


Prefer to take part in a LIVE session?

Register now for our next Connecting Steps training webinar taking place on Tuesday 3 July at 4pm.

Our next webinar: Are you ready for the removal of P-Levels? - 7pm Tuesday 12th June

This FREE online webinar has been designed to inform teachers on the implications of the Rochford Review and how our assessment frameworks are changing in response to the removal of P Levels.

To register for any of our webinars, simply visit our Webinars page www.bsquared.co.uk/more/webinars

Yes, yet another blog about GDPR

It seems that the whole country has gone GDPR crazy. It was the dominating topic at BETT at the beginning of the year with new companies popping up to help schools comply with what is a complex and sometimes “open to interpretation” document. Let’s face it though, it is not the first-time schools have had to muddle their way through a document that can be read in different ways. There is a whole host of information out there on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with guidance on what companies should and should not be doing, mainly focusing on single aspects of this new regulation, but rarely covering the entire document and its implications. Some of this information has been contradictory or just plain wrong! If you haven’t already found it, the ICO website has some excellent guidance on what schools and companies should be doing to prepare for the GDPR.

What was B Squared’s approach to GDPR?

When I first made a start on our GDPR compliance work internally, it was really tempting to look at all the information that was out there. I realised pretty quickly that the infancy of the document (we looked at it early on) was creating confusion. In my experience, sometimes it is better to go to the source document itself and give it a good read through before seeking additional support. That is exactly what I did, I downloaded the document and spent some considerable time converting it into a usable word document with properly formatted headings, to ease navigation, as each section sent me careering backwards and forwards through the document. Whilst it is certainly not Tolstoy, it is actually a very interesting read. It seeks to deal with some of the most common issues that exist in the 21st century that ever-increasing storage capabilities and technologies brings. We can all sit and roll our eyes when we hear the dreaded GDPR acronym, but it comes from a good place and successful implementation will make our data far safer.

So how has the GDPR affected us you may ask? 

Well, as I read through it, overall, I found myself nodding along, thinking “excellent, good idea, that’s what we do”, and only occasionally making notes about things that we need to change, which are mainly around the fact that as a small company, we do not have the level of auditing and documentation that larger companies rely on because of the inherent complexities that arise when the number of staff increases. But the GDPR is fair in its expectations, the requirements relate to the size of the business rather than pressing for a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to these auditing processes.

So how do we fare in light of the GDPR in relation to the processing services we offer? 

The answer is, quite well. As an already security conscious company, I found that our own paranoia around security has fared well against these new requirements. What also helps tremendously is that our Managing Director Dale Pickles, who is also a techie at heart, understands very well the risks, which makes my job a lot easier as I don’t have to do the hard sell to him on the benefits of any particular strategy. In fact, Dale is always looking for safer and more secure ways of working with the products we sell. As a team, we work well in identifying risks early on and mitigating them before they become an issue, because our backgrounds, professional training and qualifications are all around provisioning networks and domains with the “path of least access” as a core principal.

What should schools be doing around the GDPR?

At this point, schools should be nearly done embedding the GDPR into all their practices, preparing for the May 25th deadline. Probably the most important document you need is your data flow map. The action of writing this document forces you to research, define and check every piece of data that goes in and out of your school and from this you can then assign the risk to the data involved. It is during this process that we should have popped up on your radar. Because we do some of the work for you and we hold and process your data, you need to check that we do things as well as you expect them to be done in your own school. The same can be said for every external system that you use.

What questions should you be asking of us?

We have put together a section on our support site which lists some commonly asked questions around our service to help schools ascertain our compliance. Being that there is no formal qualification or certification of GDPR compliance (yet), it is up to you to decide. Therefore transparency is important to us, and we are happy to give as much detail as is required as long as it doesn’t make our own security vulnerable (a key aspect of online security is obscuring your system as far as possible to deter attackers from launching system specific attacks). You can find information surrounding our GDPR compliance here https://support.connectingsteps.com/category/361-gdpr-information

What have we changed to be GDPR compliant?

We have distributed a contract addendum to all our customers for them to sign and return to ensure GDPR compliance for us and our schools. This brings the contract into line with the requirements under Article 28 specifically. From now on, we shall also include the relevant Article 6 clause within our email communications to help people understand how each communication is lawful and to generally be transparent in our approach.

Any questions?

I trust your school is well on the way to GDPR compliance. But if you have further questions for B Squared that are not answered there, please do email me at jon@bsquared.co.uk and I would be happy to respond.

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