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B Squared Products

B Squared has a range of products, all designed to help show the progress pupils are making and to help professionals share this progress with others

Assessment Software - Connecting Steps

Connecting Steps is B Squared market-leading assessment software. It was a finalist in the ERA awards in 2018 with our Engagement Steps framework and is being chosen by even more schools to help show progress. Connecting Steps can show progress where other assessment systems cannot. Connecting Steps has a wide range of frameworks, design to suit a wide range of abilities and needs at different ages.


Connecting Steps Assessment Software

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"Can track small steps of progress. New assessment tools covering engagement steps are excellent. Evisense is brilliant way to show evidence. Well done B squared."

Brookfields School


Evidence Software - Evisense

Eleanor scrolling ipad

Evisense is B Squared’s evidence platform. It became a BETT Awards finalist and an ERA Awards finalist in 2017 due to the ease of use functionality and what it allowed schools to achieve. The philosophy behind Evisense is simple,  an evidence system that makes sense. It has a really simple to use social media-style interface that teachers and parents love. What they also love is our dedication to security and data protection. Over 250,000 pieces of evidence were captured and shared in Evisense in 2019.

We released our brand new apps in 2019 for iOS (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android and Amazon Fire devices. Collecting evidence has just got easier!


Not Sure Which of our Assessment Products is Right for You?

Arrange a FREE online meeting and let us show you the different frameworks



"Comprehensive curriculum coverage. Offers a range of assessment tools to cover different sorts of curricula - formal, semi formal, informal, life skills, traditional subject based."

Ysgol Pen Coch


Paper Assessment Files

Our paper assessment files have been in use for over 25 years! We have now sold our paper files to well over 10,000 schools around the world. Paper files give schools access to B Squared assessment content at a low initial cost. We will always recommend schools to use our software as it will save you lots of time and will be more effective than our paper products. You can only buy our full range of assessment products within Connecting Steps. You can buy our basic frameworks in paper format, but some of our more complex frameworks are only available within our software.