Paper Assessment Tracking System

Our paper based assessment has been used in schools for over 25 years and is now in over 10,000 schools.

Our SEN and Primary curriculum assessment breakdowns are available as paper files you can photocopy within your schools. The assessment range has grown over the last 10 years and was updated in line with the changes to the Primary National Curriculum and the removal of P Levels. Our paper assessment portfolio covers the core assessment products for England.

The following frameworks are available in paper folders:

  • Early Steps – for students working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (Updated in 2021).
  • Primary Steps Core – for students following the Primary National Curriculum working below age-related expectations. The core pack covers English, Maths and Science
  • Progression Steps Core – for students engaged in subject-specific learning in key stages 1 to 4. The core pack covers English, Maths and Science

To view samples of our assessment files, please visit the Curriculums and Subjects page where you can view samples from all our assessment products.

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Paper Assessment File

The above picture is an example of our individual assessment page and shows how we have broken the curriculum down. By working on individual targets rather than the level as a whole, teachers can show progression through the level. When discussing pupil progression with the pupil or parents, the breakdown gives them a greater understanding of what has been achieved and where the pupil’s weaknesses are. By discussing individual skills, the parents can give more support to the pupil’s learning.

Our assessment is called Summative Assessment but if used regularly it becomes a Formative Assessment as you can use your assessment to inform your planning.

Our paper assessment productsare cheaper than Connecting Steps, our assessment software. However, the power of the software, ease of access and features means that it is more cost effective and has a greater impact in your school.. Why not read about our assessment software by clicking here. Or use the button below to book an online meeting to find out more about the software.

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Connecting Steps

Connecting Steps is the most popular and effective assessment software for pupils with SEND. A wide range of frameworks that are built into Connecting Steps helps schools get up and running as quickly as possible.

Connecting Steps is the standard asssessment system for pupils with SEND across a number of authorities in the UK. The simple interface, powerful features and flexible approach to progress means it works for a wide range of pupils. Connecting Steps V5 brings even more features and now works on iPads and other tablet devices.


Connecting Steps makes recording achievements simple. As well as being able to record the skills pupils achieve, you can also record the steps as they work towards it.


Before pupils can achieve a skill, they need to engage. Connecting Steps can show the engagement levels of pupils and show the progress as engagement increases.


Connecting Steps makes showing small steps of progress simple. Progress can be shown in lots of ways, including engagement and non-linear progress.