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Parent Talks launches today!

Nicola Davies 0 67
Parent Talks from the Virtual SEND Conference is a series of online talks, delivered like a TV series, created to provide useful information for parents of children and young people with SEND. Hear from presenters with personal experience of SEND - parents, professionals, pioneers - who share their insights and practical advice. Season 1 launches at 10am on 26 June 2020.

Transition Students Ready for Next Year Training Webinar

How to get your students ready for the next academic year

Jon Twycross 0 98

This training webinar was an opportunity for me to go through all of the different ways you can get your students into their classes for next year. It also gave me a chance to go through some of our new functionality that makes moving students easier than ever.

Parent Talks

Launches 26th June 2020

Sarah 0 49
Parent Talks is a great way for parents and carers to access support and advice around SEND
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