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Are you limited in how you show progress for learners with SEND?

Post 16 Life Skills assessment for KS4+ learners

A major part of KS4 and KS5 provision for learners with SEND focuses on personal skills that they will need in adult life. Our customers told us there is a lack of comprehensive assessment frameworks for KS4-5 learners with SEND. So we have written an holistic and practical programme of learning for post 16 learners to see them through from compulsory education into further education. 

Steps4Life is a developmental assessment framework to assess learners working towards being fully independent. See how to easily track a learner’s progress and identify their next steps towards their goals.


Steps4Life allows you to

  • Shape and develop your curriculum

  • Show progress for post 14-16 learners with SEND working towards independency

  • Easily identify a learner’s ‘next steps’ in their progress

  • Save time doing assessments, no need to write your own descriptors

Do you want to effectively track progress towards independence?

Learn how to identify areas of growth and development in the individual learners you work with. Choose a date and time convenient for you. FREE, no obligation meetings last around 30 mins. Talk about your individual requirements, along with set-up costs and pricing.


We understand that learners with SEND learn differently. The DfE 16 to 19 study programmes: guide for providers states KS4 learners with SEND should follow a programme of study that stretches them, prepares them for adulthood, and supports their progression into work or further study whilst, at the same time, being aware that the needs of learners with SEND can vary widely. Some will achieve qualifications, others will benefit from a study programme that concentrates on high quality work experience and other non-qualification activities to help them prepare for employment and adult life in general. 

Learners should be supported to find routes through to employment, building on work experience and towards independent living. Many schools rely on giving students accreditation's, but does the number of certificates awarded show actual progress?

The life skills framework has been an excellent resource to support identifying skills and tracking progress in our cookery lessons as part of our new life skills curriculum.

Lisa Troughton, SENCO


Teachers say...

"When assessing older learners who plateaued in their academic learning I often felt that some assessment criteria were inappropriate and impossible to meet for some pupils at lower p-levels, particularly criteria related to fine-motor skills and communication. Steps4Life breaks down important independence skills into small steps which makes it easy to assess the skills we previously couldn’t.  I also use Steps4Life as a tool to plan next steps for my learners to ensure I am pitching activities at the right level. 

Steps4Life supports the planning of meaningful and appropriate activities which will help learners progress to adult life. It is a relevant and easy assessment system to run alongside our school's life skills curriculum and in using it I have gained a better understanding of planning for progression for my learners."

Tamara Riddell, Assistant Headteacher & Upper Department Phase Leader

older boy 

Do you want to effectively track progress towards independence?

Why not book an online meeting to find out more? Choose a date and time convenient for you. Meetings last around 30 mins and in this meeting we will talk about your individual requirements, find out how this can benefit your setting, along with set-up costs and pricing.


Not ready for a meeting yet? Download sample pages and/or an introduction guide to Steps4Life at the end of this page

How does it work?

The framework covers a wide ability range and has 12 levels in total, 7 levels that are the equivalent of P1 to P8, Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3 and RQF Level 1 and 2. It is split into 3 packs predominantly aimed at Post 16, but they can also be used with pupils in key stage 1 - 4. The Life Skills Pack focuses on functional skills, life skills and employability skills. It is the first of three packs. The second pack is the Academic Pack, it will cover functional English, functional Maths and functional ICT. This is currently being developed and should be ready for trial toward the end of the autumn term. And the third pack will be our Work Pack, this will look at areas around employment and employability.


The Life Skills Pack covers the following:

Preparing Food

  • Using Utensils & Appliances
  • Preparing Meals, Snacks & Drinks
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety
  • Taking Nutrition


  • Managing Clothing Needs
  • Washing & Bathing
  • Managing Toilet Needs
  • Managing and Monitoring Health


  • Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation
  • Chores, Routines & Maintenance
  • News & Current Events
  • Managing Money


  • Moving Around
  • Planning a Journey
  • Completing a Journey


Why choose us

B Squared has been trusted by schools for over 20 years. Connecting Steps, our assessment software is designed to be easy to use and deliver the information needed. Our products are designed to reduce teacher workload, not increase it. Our software is designed by teachers for teachers and we specialise in Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

  • Over 1/3 of special schools within the UK already use Connecting Steps.
  • Designed by SEN teachers for SEN teachers.
  • Leading the assessment market for over 20 years.
  • More than 500,000 assessment points are added into our software every week.
  • Article published in Assessment & Development Matters magazine.
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