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CPD for SEND You Can Access Anywhere!

CPD for SEND You Can Access Anywhere!

CPD that you can access online has never been more relevant in the current national crisis due to COVID-19. The Virtual SEND Conference was a HUGE success, with hundreds of teachers and SENCOs logging on to watch SEND experts in their fields deliver presentations on topics such as dyslexia, autism, ODD and more. If you missed it, you can still buy a ticket and watch the recordings from the website!

Full speaker line up announced for the 3rd Virtual SEND Conference

Full speaker line up announced for the 3rd Virtual SEND Conference

The conference takes place live online on Friday 27 March, but remember you don’t have to attend on the day. You can watch the recordings afterwards and you're free to share with colleagues across your school as just one ticket (only £60) gives whole school access!

The Engagement Model – An announcement or something else?

On Monday 27th of January 2020, the DfE released draft guidance called the Engagement Model.

Strangely, it didn’t appear in the Governments announcements or the DFE Email Digest, and it doesn’t appear in the list of News and Communications from the DfE.

Why? Is it because SEND is still an after thought or is there another reason?


Where are we with the Rochford Review?

Dale Pickles 0 3495

In 2017 the government launched a public consultation on the Rochford Review: Final Report and in September 2017 published ‘Primary school pupil assessment: Rochford Review recommendations - government response’. This finally gave us guidance on the government’s plans...

Our first webinar - Intro to Engagement Steps

Jon Twycross 0 2862

Two short weeks ago, we were sat in a meeting discussing how best to show teachers what our new Engagement Steps assessment framework is all about. We have been working hard to improve our communications over the past few months,  in order to share details on all the exciting new things we are doing in a way that best suits our teacher customers. Whilst we can make all the changes in the world, unfortunately we can't change the lack of 'free' time that...

How to spend school budgets but save money (over £800/year!)

Dale Pickles 0 2408

School budgets are being squeezed relentlessly. The National Education Union showed 94% of 1,800 school staff surveyed have spent their own money on classroom resources! How do senior leaders decide where to spend the budget? Where is the smart money being spent?

Instead of cutting back on everything, take a look at what you can do to become more efficient. For example, have you...