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Are you limited in how you show progress for learners with SEND?

Are you limited in how you show progress for learners with SEND?

A major part of KS4 and KS5 provision for learners with SEND focuses on personal skills that they will need in adult life. Steps4Life is a developmental assessment framework to assess learners working towards being fully independent. See how to easily track a learner’s progress and identify their next steps towards their goals.


1. Getting Started with Connecting Steps

We have created several videos to help schools and users to get started with Connecting Steps.

Each bitesize video is designed to show you one aspect of Connecting Steps clearly and concisely. You will feel comfortable using Connecting Steps after just a few videos. 

If you do have any questions, always click on the Help icon in the bottom right of Connecting Steps. You can search for an answer or ask us a question via email. Alternatively you can call us on 01252 870133 and we will be there to help.


Transition Students Ready for Next Year Training Webinar

How to get your students ready for the next academic year

Jon Twycross 0 112

This training webinar was an opportunity for me to go through all of the different ways you can get your students into their classes for next year. It also gave me a chance to go through some of our new functionality that makes moving students easier than ever.

The Engagement Model – An announcement or something else?

Dale Pickles 0 1890

On Monday 27th of January 2020, the DfE released draft guidance called the Engagement Model.

Strangely, it didn’t appear in the Governments announcements or the DFE Email Digest, and it doesn’t appear in the list of News and Communications from the DfE.

Why? Is it because SEND is still an after thought or is there another reason?

Have you heard of the Virtual SEND Conference?

Dale Pickles 0 3373

On the 22nd March 2019, B Squared ran its first SEND-focused conference to provide support for schools and professionals. The conference was designed to benefit the whole education sector, including mainstream teachers, SEND school staff and anyone else seeking high-quality CPD courses in SEND-related topics. Those who are familiar with B Squared understand that we don’t just follow everyone else; we look at a problem and work out the best solution.