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Get Extra Support to Help Show Progress for your Pupils with SEND

We’ve been thinking about how B Squared can help our customer schools during this challenging time. Whilst we are unable to visit schools at the moment, the team has spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks talking to teachers online, some still at school and some working at home. 

We realise that for many schools, this is a time for thinking about how to do things ‘differently’ and preparing for when your pupils return. So, we’d like to ask - do you need any extra support with your assessment process for pupils with SEND? 

We want to help! We’ve put our heads together (virtually) and come up with 3 ideas for FREE help, information and advice from B Squared.


  • FREE assessment data check - to help schools identify and resolve any issues

  • FREE online meeting - to find out about our latest assessment frameworks, a lot’s changed since the Rochford Review!

  • FREE online expert Q&A – got any questions about assessment for SEND? Ask Dale!



FREE assessment data check with Lisa

Lisa, our systems analyst is offering a free data check to help schools identify and resolve any issues. Lisa will make sure your assessment data is up to scratch, ready for when all your pupils return. 

Are you struggling with baselining, or finding that your reports aren’t providing the information you expected? Maybe you’re not confident that you’re getting the most out of our software? 

A health check on your data can help to make sure you’re using the software correctly and that your reports accurately show the progress your pupils are making. 

Book an online meeting with Lisa to get a FREE assessment data check for your school. 


Find out about our latest assessment frameworks from Jon

Jon, our chief product officer is focused on making sure B Squared’s frameworks meet schools’ needs and Government requirements. 

Since the Rochford Review, B Squared has launched 5 new assessment frameworks for use across primary, secondary and post 16 settings. Our latest ‘Communication & Interaction’ framework has been developed for assessing the expressive and receptive communications skills of ALL learners. This enables staff to recognise the skills employed to transmit and receive information about an individual’s own needs, thoughts and feelings and those of others.

Book a FREE online meeting with Jon to find out what’s changed and see which of our new frameworks would be the best fit for pupils at your school. 


Get answers to your SEND assessment questions – Ask Dale!

Dale, our managing director is running online Q&A sessions to help with any queries you may have. All questions welcome - on SEND assessment, Connecting Steps, or how you’re using B Squared’s assessment frameworks in your school.

A lot has happened in the world of special needs education over the last year. Many schools are still dealing with the removal of P Levels and getting to grips with the introduction of the Pre Key Stage Standards and The Engagement Model. Do you have any questions about all the changes around assessment? About the implications of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework? Or specific questions on your school’s use of our assessment software?

Book a FREE online meeting to ‘Ask Dale!’.


We’re making this extra support available during this challenging time to help schools know how to show progress for pupils with SEND. Hopefully you’ve found something that’s useful for you! Please share this article with other teachers in your school – any questions welcome, however big or small – we want to help!



The B Squared team is currently busy working remotely, so please do get in touch with any assessment or SEND related queries and we’ll do our best to help




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