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Nicola Davies
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Great Resources to Support and Train Your Staff Around SEND

A lot has happened in the world of special needs education over the last year. Many schools are still dealing with the removal of P Levels and getting to grips with the introduction of the Pre Key Stage Standards and The Engagement Model. With further Government advice published just last month!

In these strange times, with many teachers and TAs working away from school, resources to support and train staff around SEND that can be easily accessed online have never been more relevant.


So we’ve put together some details on useful online SEND resources from B Squared that you can access from home or at school.


Great resources:

  • FREE webinars - focused on assessment and showing progress for pupils with SEND

  • FREE training videos - new series of bitesized 3-minute videos

  • FREE podcast - SENDcast: the podcast for special educational needs

  • Virtual SEND Conference - purchase all 33 SEND expert videos for under £150 to share across your school



FREE webinars 

We regularly run FREE webinars focused on assessment and how to show progress for pupils with SEND.

Some of our most popular topics include: ‘What is Good Progress?” with over 4,500 views; and ‘Time and data: hours building data or hours understanding data?’ with nearly 1,500 views.

You can see a full list and watch all of our webinars for FREE here


FREE training videos 

For users of our Connecting Steps assessment software, there’s a new series of bite-sized videos. In just 3 minutes you can quickly get to grips with topics such as how to baseline a pupil, how to show progress with graphs and how to show non-linear progress. Watch our FREE training videos here.

There’s also a great 3-minute video showing just how quick and easy it is to securely record and share evidence of learning using Evisense. See how to make managing evidence of learning easier.


FREE podcast 

Listen to SENDcast: the podcast for special educational needs. Launched earlier this year, this podcast is a new way to help teachers keep up-to-date with policy changes, best practice and to improve their knowledge around SEND.

9 episodes are already available - including Corona Bonus episodes on supporting children with special needs at home.

You can see the full list of episodes and listen on the SENDcast website.


Virtual SEND Conference 

Watch SEND expert presentations from our CPD certified online conferences. Topics range from ADHD, autism and effective assessment; to early intervention and supporting mental health and wellbeing.

A ticket to one of our online conferences is usually £60 for whole school access to 12 presentations. But you can get 15% off any of our conferences using the discount code PASSITON. Purchase all 33 videos for under £150 and share them with everyone in your school. Read about the 3 conferences we've already delivered, watch previews of the presentations and see the great feedback we’ve had from delegates. Visit


Hopefully you’ve found something that’s useful for you in this list of resources to help support and train school staff around SEND during these challenging times. Please share this article with colleagues and other teachers you know – the information is there for the taking!



The B Squared team is currently busy working remotely, so please do get in touch with any assessment or SEND related queries and we’ll do our best to help




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