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Jon Twycross
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Evidence Learning - The Smart Way

An introduction to Evisense

Last Tuesday I ran a webinar introducing Evisense and it's features. We have previously gone into great depth when delivering our training webinars. This time we wanted to take a step back and differentiate the webinar so it was accessible to the most number of people.

Everyone is at different points on their journey with Evisense, whether they have never used it, just started using it or entrenched in the system. We wanted to introduce (or in some cases reintroduce) Evisense and give a broad overview of all it's powerful yet simple features and how these can be used within a school. We did not want to delve into the system too far. We also needed to introduce the new Evisense iOS app (Android is coming very soon). This was especially important as the new app brings a bunch of new features which you have been asking us about for some time.

We had great feedback from the webinar, and what was most surprising is that even the users who had been using the system for years now, found it informative and will ultimately alter the way they approach their evidence and assessment. I think we can all be accused of this, we dig down and get stuck into our work and things inevitably change without us noticing. Sometimes it's good for us to stick our heads out the parapet and check.

We will be delivering more training webinars in the future on Evisense, gradually going into more depth with the system so you can now nail how Evisense will make a positive impact in your school. We are always happy for you to contact us if you want us to deliver a training webinar on a specific topic.

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