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Jon Twycross
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Q&A Webinar with Dale Pickles

Answering those commonly asked questions.

Dale runs our latest webinar this month. Breaking from tradition, we invited people to ask us any questions they had. Dale's webinar delivers the answers to these and expands upon them significantly and provides links to useful resources.

You can watch the video below. You will also see that we have provided links to all the documents and sites spoken about in this video.



2:42 - Rochford Review Information

2:48 - Rochford Review Final Publication

2:49 - Our Response to the Rochford Review

3:11 - Curriculums and Subjects

4:15 - Blog

4:20 - Where are we with the Aspects of Engagement?

8:14 - B Squared Framework Comparison Chart

9:41 - Removal of P Levels Webinar

9:46 - Transitioning to Our New Frameworks Webinar

10:01 - B Squared Transitioning Guide

10:28 - Getting Started with Connecting Steps

11:00 - B Squared Training Videos

12:09 - Connecting Steps Support Site

14:04 - Moving on with Connecting Steps Webinar

25:26 - What is GOOD Progress?

26:45 - The Virtual SEND Conference

28:18 - The SEND cast







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The Engagement Model – An announcement or something else?

Dale Pickles 0 770

On Monday 27th of January 2020, the DfE released draft guidance called the Engagement Model.

Strangely, it didn’t appear in the Governments announcements or the DFE Email Digest, and it doesn’t appear in the list of News and Communications from the DfE.

Why? Is it because SEND is still an after thought or is there another reason?