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B Squared Training

We want our users to get the most out of our software. Below is a collection of training videos to help you learn about the various features of Connecting Steps, My Bsquared, CSAM and Evisense.

As well as these training videos, B Squared offer a range of training to suit each school's needs. We offer a variety of sessions to suit your requirements, we can train your whole school, senior management team or individuals. Sessions can be for half a day or a whole day and are tailored to your needs to ensure you get the most from the time with the trainer. If you have specific training requirements please contact us.

1. Getting Started with Connecting Steps

We have created several videos to help schools and users to get started with Connecting Steps.

Each bitesize video is designed to show you one aspect of Connecting Steps clearly and concisely. You will feel comfortable using Connecting Steps after just a few videos. 

If you do have any questions, always click on the Help icon in the bottom right of Connecting Steps. You can search for an answer or ask us a question via email. Alternatively you can call us on 01252 870133 and we will be there to help.

2. Moving on With Connecting Steps

This webinar is for users who have been using Connecting Steps for a while and want to get more out of the software.

3. Administering Connecting Steps and Evisense

This video focuses on how to administer Connecting Steps, Evisense and My B Squared effectively, whether you are setting up from the beginning or providing on-going administration.

4. How to use CSAM

This training webinar is on how to use our Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM). Learn how to use our analysis tool to its full potential and to find out how to gain insights into students' progress across their school.

5. Transitioning Students Ready for Next Year

This video provides information on how schools can prepare their system for the new academic year.