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The Virtual SEND Conference 22 March 2019

Early in 2018 we started hosting FREE webinars aimed at helping teachers to keep schools up-to-date with changing government guidelines surrounding children with SEND. Our webinars have been phenomenally successful with our customers and led to a logical conclusion to host a virtual conference where we can expand topics such as 'the results of the National SENCO Workload Survey 2018' to further support all teachers at classroom level.

This conference is different from all the others. It is a 21st century solution design to support schools and professionals that is both affordable and easily accessible without reducing quality. It is a conference that takes place online. Instead of a number of seminars there are a number of webinars, which are web based seminars. The speakers will use a webcam and microphone to deliver their presentation across the internet directly to you. The advantages of a virtual conference are:

Save Money

Save over £200 compared to other national conferences, we provide high quality content that can also be accessed after the conference is finished. 

Access Anytime

You can be part of the conference on the 22nd March, or watch the sessions later on, when you have time. Fits around you.

No Travelling

Watch the conference from home or at school, the choice is yours. No time spent travelling and no travel and accommodation costs. Saves time and money

Whole School Benefits

Unlike other conferences, the Virtual SEND Conference provides videos of the sessions for you to share with the rest of your school. Everyone benefits


We asked our teacher customers which topics are the most important to them. Answers ranged from how to show progress and attainment to managing early interventions and combating lack of funds. We aim to address these topics and more throughout the day. 


Improve outcomes of children with SEND, share knowledge, get help for teachers at classroom level and save money

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