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Trial our new life skills assessment framework

Over the last year we have been working on our new framework Steps 4 Life, designed for pupils working towards functional skills, life skills and employ-ability skills. These frameworks can be used from Key Stage 3 onward. We are currently working on our Life Skills pack, this is designed to give settings a development framework to assess pupils working towards being fully independent. We are now at the stage where we would like to invite schools to trial our Living Skills pack. We are around 80% of the way through content creation and would like feedback on the content we have developed so far. 

As part of the development we have completed the following areas:

Preparing Food
Using Utensils & Appliances
Preparing Meals, Snacks & Drinks
Hygiene, Health & Safety
Taking Nutrition

Dressing & Undressing
Washing & Bathing
Managing Toilet Needs
Managing and Monitoring Health

Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation
Chores, Routines & Maintenance

Moving Around
Following a Journey


We are still developing the Life Skills pack and are working on the remaining areas:

News & Current Events
Managing Money

Moving Around
Planning a Journey

The framework covers a wide ability range and has 12 levels in total, 7 levels that are the equivalent of P1 to P8, Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3 and RFQ Level 1 and 2. This pack is the first of 3 packs for Post 16. Once development of the Life Skills content is complete we will start the develop on our academic pack, this will cover functional English, functional Maths and function ICT. The last pack we will develop will be our Work pack, this will look at areas around employment. Although these packs are aimed at Post-16, they can be used with pupils in key stage 3 or 4.

The trial will last until the start of June. This will give schools a chance to fully digest the framework and enable them to give us feedback. There is no cost to be part of the trial and this is no obligation to purchase the content. Schools who give feedback will be eligible for discount when the framework is released later this year.

If you are interested in being part of this trial, please click on the link below.

I want to trial the Life Skills Framework

Once you have clicked the link above, we will activate the framework for you school within a couple of days. We will email you once we have enabled the content and this email will also contain a guide to the new Steps 4 Life framework and how to use the new framework. 

If you have any questions about the content or the trial, please get in touch.