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New National Curriculum

We started developing our new breakdowns in response to the new curriculum when the new curriculum was released in 2013. Our English, Maths, Science, PSHE and Computing breakdowns were available when the new National Curriculum came into effect in September 2014. We developed 2 breakdowns, a breakdown based on school years in line with the new National Curriculum and a breakdown called Steps - based on the structure of the National Curriculum schools have been using for the last 25 years. Schools can then choose how they want to assess their pupils and use the appropriate breakdown.

Our new breakdown based on years is targeted towards mainstream pupils. It will assist schools to show progress over short periods of time, target interventions early and to use the software with pupils, so they can see what their next steps are.

Our Steps breakdown structure is based on the old National Curriculum, but contains all the new areas and has the same raised expectations as our Years breakdown. Steps is useful for pupils working significantly below age related expectations, where professionals do not want to discuss attainment in terms of Years.

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