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Launch of Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM)!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM). Designed to assist in the creation of reports essential for Ofsted, Governors and Senior Management, CSAM is an extremely powerful tool for comparing data across multiple student cohorts and across whole year groups. Progress can be tracked between key dates, year by year or over a Key Stage. The software automatically creates standard cohorts – such as Pupil Premium, FSM. Primary Needs, EAL, etc. – based on information imported from your MIS. Results can be compiled quickly, condensing complex information into clear, well designed graphs. Three types of report can be produced - Headline, Group and Individual – helping schools demonstrate progress in various levels of detail and identify where improvements need to be made.

Available for all schools that subscribe to our hosted Connecting Steps V4 service, CSAM is an update to our previous GAP Analysis module. It provides a broad range of improved functions: faster access to data, improved comparison of group data, greater ease of use and results expressed in far more detail.

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