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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new website, a platform to showcase exciting new products and the latest features within Connecting Steps that are in development. 2016 is proving to be an incredibly busy year for us at B Squared. We are developing Connecting Steps to be an assessment tool across the whole school, from pupils with special needs to those working at the upper end of the National Curriculum. Our breakdowns now cover EYFS, SEN, Primary and Secondary education, tracking progress across a child’s complete education. Our software now incorporates assessments for all subjects of the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2. We are currently developing a number of breakdowns:

  • Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • GCSEs tracking across Flightpaths 1-9 for pupils in years 7-11
  • Autism Progress, our new tool for profiling autism.
  • Developmental - for pupils working on P1(i) to P3(ii)

In the past, many schools have approached us for help recording evidence of progress recorded. We are therefore developing Evisense, a brand new evidence capture tool. Evisense is designed to perfectly complement our Connecting Steps assessments, but also as a stand-alone product alongside your current assessment system. Evisense will launch for existing customers in the autumn term 2016, and full release in January 2017.

Keep an eye on the News features within our website for all our latest announcements. We will also produce a half-termly newsletter, the B Squared Whiteboard, which will contain updates on product information, company updates, planned events and any new support initiatives.