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Autism Progress Launch

We are pleased to confirm that Autism Progress, our new and innovative tool for profiling autism, is now available to order!

Developed in collaboration with three leading autism charities – Autism Wessex, Scottish Autism and the North East Autism Society – Autism Progress helps education and care professionals to assess the true impact of a person’s autism and guides the development of targeted support strategies.
Autism Progress provides a more in-depth understanding of how an individual’s autism affects them by profiling strengths and weaknesses across four key areas of impairment:

• Communication 
• Social interaction 
• Flexibility of thought 
• Emotional regulation

Once the profile has been completed, a clear picture is created of how each individual is affected. Importantly, this brand new profiling tool also provides a range of ability-relevant strategies relating to the specific area of impairment, helping with the development of tailored support plans.

Autism Progress is available on our hosted Connecting Steps V4 assessment platform. The descriptors are also available in a free handbook for all V4 hosted customers.

For further information or to request a copy of our Autism Progress handbook, please email or call us on 0845 4660 484.