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The SENDcast - The Podcast for Special Needs

The SENDcast is a weekly podcast focusing on Special Educational Needs, it is a new way to keep up to date with policy changes, best practice and to improve your knowledge around SEND.

The SENDcast


SENCOs and teachers are expected to have extensive knowledge over an ever-increasing range of areas within SEN. They are supposed to do this with little or no training and limited guidance. They are also expected to keep up with continual changes that often remove support or guidance, the expectation is that they will use their experience and knowledge to develop their own systems. It simply doesn’t add up. When, where and how are these teachers and SENCOs supposed to gain this knowledge or these skills?



A Podcast to Improve Knowledge and Understanding Around SEND

The aim of the podcast is to educate, share, make people more confident, make people more effective, reduce stress, save time, find better ways of doig things, help people understand they aren’t alone, help people understand they aren’t getting the support they need and be that place people come to to get answers. Ultimately it has 2 main aims

  1. To make people working with SEND more effective.
  2. To improve outcomes for people with SEND.

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