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What our customers say about us

Connecting Steps

A great system for tracking the progress of our SEND pupils working below National Curriculum 

"Great customer service over the telephone and via email. Our existing system was updated in no time at all and we are really pleased with the outcome, including the Pre-Key Stage standards, Primary Steps and Engagement Steps, I have also been accessing the training via your website - thanks so much for this. B Squared has really made a difference in our school - it has been a great system for tracking the progress of our SEND pupils working below National Curriculum and now we have the upgrades I am sure it will continue to support us and our pupils. Thank you Dale and the B Squared Team. "

Carolyn Sykes , Ferndale Primary School


Enables staff to link evidence to outcomes

"B Squared is going to be an excellent resource for our school. This will enable us to track the small steps of progress our learners will make. It will allow our teachers to identify areas of development and to celebrate successes with our learners. The online platform will give ease to staff members and enable them link evidence to outcomes. Whilst providing the resources to capture incidental learning opportunities."

Jamie Wright, Acorn School


Comprehensive curriculum coverage

"Comprehensive curriculum coverage. Offers a range of assessment tools to cover different sorts of curricula - formal, semi formal, informal, life skills, traditional subject based. Online platform helpful for portability but hope it will become a bit more flexible to use. Data analysis module offers lots of ways to look at data and drill down though some bar graph options would be good - easier for governors and external partners to understand."

Julian, Ysgol Pen Coch


Excellent resources for tracking progress

"Excellent resources for tracking progress plus good source of CPD. We have always found BSquared resources for tracking our pupils to be excellent: easy to use and flexible enough to cope with a wide range of needs. In addition the first Virtual SEND conference was excellent value for money: full of good content and made available in formats that provide ongoing access to the information." 

Janet, Perrymount Primary School


Essential tool to present progress to anxious parents, showing real progress made over a term/half term.

“B Squared has proved to be instrumental in tracking the small steps progress of pupils who are not working at age related expectation. Recording vital steps of progress using the B Squared programme allows us to identify gaps in learning and focus our teaching accordingly. As a SENCO it has also proved essential as a tool to present progress to anxious parents, showing real progress made over a term / half term. Using B Squared regularly, helps us as a school to address which interventions specific pupils will require supporting continuous progress in school.” 

Brett, SENCO, St William of York Catholic Primary School

Provides precise, exact targets to measure progress

“It is a really useful assessment tool for children who do not fit within our whole school assessment system. It provides precise, exact targets to measure progress and support some of our most vulnerable children.” 

Mariya Mobeen, Lapage Primary School and Nursery


This will revolutionise the way we can assess and present information to parents and LEA 

“We feel this will revolutionise the way we can assess and present information to parents and the LEA. To quote Fiona 'it is the stuff of magic and fairies' & 'how do I get my hands on this bad boy?' referring I believe to a pie chart as opposed to you Dale! ;-)” 

Kay Jones, Bettws Lifehouse


Influences planning and IEP targets 

“Amazing product, is so useful to show steps of progress and I use it to influence planning and IEP targets. I currently use the old paper version but the new software looks very time efficient and easy to use.” 

Becka Hinton, Bluecoat Primary


B Squared’s software makes sense of our data 

“Education has always produced an incredible amount of data; that's always been obvious to me. But technology had to catch up. (Jose Ferreira) You, your colleagues, your team - your whole ethos HAS caught up with your technological genius. We thank you. As Nelson Mandela said Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

Diane Connell, East SILC


Customer service & support

Fantastic free training videos

“The online training videos for staff have been a fantastic resource, especially at this time of remote working and learning. They are really easy to use and follow and our staff team have commented on how good they were and how they already feel confident to use the system.” 

Claire Murless, Old Hall School


Useful meeting with Lisa 

“I had a really useful meeting with Lisa who talked me through CSAM and how to check our data. We can also use the range of charts to inform our stakeholders of pupil progress. I particularly liked the option to compare different groups of pupils. Thank you!” 

Amanda Johnstone, Great Arley


Excellent support 

"Very good, the support I received was excellent." [online meeting with Lisa] 

Andrew Grant, West Lancs Community High School