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How B Squared can help you!

B Squared's assessment products and evidence of learning products cover a range of curriculums across England, Scotland and Wales for both mainstream pupils and pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND).


The image below shows the different frameworks we have, the age range and the ability levels we cover.

B Squared Assessment Products

Early Years

Our assessment products and evidence of learning products are an ideal partnership for early years settings. Our assessment framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) covers from Birth to the exceeded early learning goal across the 17 areas.

Evisense, our evidence of learning product allows early years settings to record and share their observations, photographs or videos. A secure platform with a social media style interface makes it easy for staff and parents to use.

For more information on using our products in Early Years settings click here.


Our assessment products for primary schools allow teachers to track pupils against age related expectations. Our assessment frameworks can also be used with pupils working below age related expectations to show the progress they are making and identify areas where support or intervention is needed. Our analysis module for Connecting Steps (CSAM) is designed to bring together whole school data in an easy to use format that can be shared with the different stakeholders.

For more information on using our products in primary schools visit our Primary Schools page.


Our assessment products have been used with pupils with SEND for over 20 years. We are always keeping up with the latest changes and our new frameworks, Engagement Steps, Progression Steps and Primary Steps have been created in response to the removal of P Levels

Schools can use Evisense to capture and evidence the achievements that pupils with SEND make. Many of the activities undertaken are temporary. Pupils are building a tower of bricks or mark making in sand/shaving foam and being able to record these is an important part of the assessment process. Evisense allows teachers to record these activities in a clear and simple way.

For more information on using our products with pupils with SEND please visit our SEND page.

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Steps to Excellence

Steps to Excellence is our assessment framework for the curriculum for excellence. Our frameworks cover from pre-early up to fourth and incorporates the benchmarks and the new pre-early milestones

Evisense, our evidence of learning product allows teachers to record evidence of pupils achievements, their experiences and how they are getting it right for every child (GIRFEC). The evidence can then be shared with parents to help build stronger partnerships

For more information on using our products in with the Curriculum for Excellence click here.

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We work with over 150 schools in a number of authorities in Wales who use our assessment products to track the progress of their pupils. Some of the schools use our P Level content for pupils working below the level of the national curriculum. Other schools are using our content developed specifically for the welsh curriculum.

We have 2 assessment frameworks for schools in Wales Our foundation stage frameworks is for use with pupils up to the age of 7 and covers the 7 areas of learning. Our assessment framework for Key Stage 2 covers English, Maths and Welsh as a second language. This is based on the latest Curriculum for Wales: Programme of Study for English and Mathematics 2016 which incorporates the Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF).

For more information on using our products with schools in Wales click here.

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