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Are You Struggling to Show Progress for pupils below ARE?

B Squared products are all about showing the small steps of progress pupils working below ARE make. Our Primary Steps and Early Steps frameworks will show progress for ALL pupils

Our Connecting Steps assessment software makes teachers' lives easier and saves them time, by helping them identify next steps and helping them show the progress the pupil has made in a variety of ways. The information Connecting Steps creates also supports more meaningful communication with parents.

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Pupil Tracking Software for Primary Schools.
Show Progress for Pupils with SEND

Primary Schools can rely on our software to clearly and concisely track progress of their pupils. Our assessment software, updated in 2014 inline with the new National Curriculum ensures pupil reach their potential.

National Curriculum 2014

B Squared is a provider of high quality, user friendly software for tracking pupil attainment and progress. In recent years the education landscape has shifted considerably within the Primary system, and our Connecting Steps software has been expanded to cover all subjects within the new National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. We have updated our content inline with the 2014 Primary National Curriculum, we have created two breakdowns for each subject – one based on Steps (replacing the traditional system of levels) and the other on End of Year outcomes.

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Multiple Curriculums

Connecting Steps V4 spans the following curriculums, up to the end of Key Stage 2:

  • Early Steps  - for the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Engagement Steps - for pupils not yet engaged in subject specific learning (complex needs)
  • Primary Steps - for pupils working at or below age related expectation

Combining multiple curriculums into one software package provides the school with a more powerful solution. One system to manage, one system to train staff on and the benefits of links between the curriculums.

B Squared in the Primary Curriculum:

  • All subject breakdowns are now available 
  • Updated assessments show breadth of learning and enhance progress detection 
  • Any Government policy changes are regularly reviewed and software updated accordingly 
  • Progress can be assessed by End of Year outcomes above Year 1
  • Progress can be assessed against Progression Steps below Year 1(/li>
  • Works with the Pre-Key Stage Standards
  • Results are clearly and concisely displayed
  • Graphs can be condensed into reports for Governors, Ofsted and Senior Management using our Connecting Steps Analysis Module 
  • We host your data, keeping all assessments safe and secure, and ensuring no data can be lost 
  • Connecting Steps V4 is also available as an iPad app, which allows teaching staff to access data anywhere, any time. Being part of our hosted service ensures security when our software is accessed outside school premises


Our Primary Assessment covers the following subjects:

Core Subjects




Plus Subjects



PSHE (including Relationship Education)


Foundation Subjects

Art & Design

Design & Technology





Religious Education


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