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Rochford Review
UPDATE: We have completed development of our new assessment frameworks Engagement Steps, Progression Steps and Primary Steps. Our new frameworks are available NOW, we recommend watching our "Are you Ready for the Removal of P Levels" webinar - Click here

B Squared Response to the Rochford Review

November 2016

The report reflects the changes in teaching and ideas that have been implemented over the last few years. The DfE still hasn’t responded to The Report. Our approach to assessment will not fundamentally change. We will still use small steps and use these to build the bigger picture. What will change is the structure of our frameworks, the breadth of our content, an increased focus on the holistic achievements of pupils and how we present the data.

Over the last few years we have been working on a range of projects that have increased the breadth of content from B Squared. We have produced a tool for profiling Autism that covers Communication, Social Interaction, Flexibility of Thought and Emotional Regulation. We have worked on a Developmental Continuum for pupils with profound and complex needs, covering covering Expressive and Receptive Communication, Social and Emotional Affection, Memorative and Imaginative Cognition, and Sensory and Physical Operation. This currently covers the ability of pupils working between levels P1(i) to P3(ii) but we have already been asked to develop this further.

We have also been developing Evisense, our evidence software. Evisense is designed to not only make the process of capturing and storing evidence easier, but to make the evidence more powerful. Evidence can be linked to assessments when it is added and then teachers demonstrate this evidence by filtering in a variety of different ways – by student, by group, by subject or by ability level. For more information on Evisense click here.


Recommendation 1 - Removal of P Levels
Recommendation 2 - Inclusive Assessment
Recommendation 3 - Assessing Pupils with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
Recommendation 4 - Cognition and Learning for Pupils with Severe or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
Recommendation 5 - Progress for Pupils Not Yet Engaging in Subject-Specific Learning
Recommendation 6 - Supporting Good Assessment
Recommendation 7 - Driving Improvement in Assessing Pupils Working Below the Standard of National Curriculum Tests
Recommendation 8 - Responding Positively to Change
Recommendation 9 - Assessment and Reporting
Recommendation 10 - Pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL)
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