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Recommendation 3 - Assessing Pupils with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

The contents of this page are extracted from our Response to "Rochford Review: Final Report" that was first published in November 2016. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

The Report recommends that pupils with severe or profound and multiple difficulties who are working below the pre-key stage standards at the end of the key stage should not be included in subject-specific learning. Instead, schools should have a wider focus on the pupil’s development. The school should not only focus on Cognition and Learning for these pupils, but also focus on Communication and Interaction, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory and/or Physical.

The Report recommends however that the statutory assessment should only focus on the area of Cognition and Learning to stay in line with the statutory assessment for mainstream pupils.

We began work in 2014 on developing a different way of assessing progress for pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties. After consulting with a number of schools on their current issues on assessment, we worked together to develop a new approach. We moved away from the subject-specific learning and moved to a much wider framework more suited to the development of these pupils. This work ties in extremely well with the Report’s recommendation to support development across the four areas for the lowest ability learners.


How Does this Affect B Squared?

We are already in the process of mapping our new content we developed over the last two years for pupils with complex needs to the 4 areas of need. We had identified this was an area that we needed to develop and worked on creating a Developmental Continuum that was not subject-specific. Instead we focused on areas of development that pupils working at these levels require. The content we developed already works across the four areas of need, we now need to identify the structure we wish to use for the non-subject-specific assessment.

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