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Recommendation 7 - Driving Improvement in Assessing Pupils Working Below the Standard of National Curriculum Tests

The contents of this page are extracted from our Response to "Rochford Review: Final Report" that was first published in November 2016. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

The Report recommends that good practice is shared between schools. I highly agree with this statement. Many schools already do this by working in clusters, creating cross-authority working groups, etc. I am not sure how this recommendation will happen in practice. With the move towards academies I am not sure how schools will work together in the future. Will teachers transcend academy boundaries or will good practice be shared only within the MAT? Unless the Government create some sort of SEND Teaching School approach, how will schools know where to look? I believe the Government will not be able to provide this so schools will need to find other ways to look for good practice. How will and when will good practice under the new framework be recognised? Does it rely on an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted?


How Does this Affect B Squared?

This is an area that was previously lead by the Government and local authorities but the Government is now pushing schools to find their own way. There is no standard structure to this and schools are left to find their own ways of working together. Over the coming months, we will be trying to identify if we can be part of this process. Can B Squared facilitate collaboration between schools by organising regional events for schools to attend and what would the events contain?

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