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Recommendation 9 – Assessment and Reporting

The contents of this page are extracted from our Response to "Rochford Review: Final Report" that was first published in November 2016. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

The Report recommends that schools should not report the attainment level for pupils working below the level of the pre-key stage standards and who are working on the seven areas. Instead they should only report how many pupils are working at this level. They however should be able to demonstrate a robust assessment process for these pupils.

What is not clear from the Report (and we will have to wait for the Government’s response and also future adoption) is how they will use the data for pupils working at pre-key stage standards. Will their data be integrated into the main end of key stage data and included in national data? This would mean that the W that used to indicate pupils working below the old level 1 has been extended down to about P5 (in old money) and only pupils below the pre-key stage standards will not be included in the national data. This does make sense as these are the pupils with the most complex needs and will be the pupils least likely to make linear progress.


How Does this Affect B Squared?

This recommendation is about how information is presented. It promotes evidence as an important assessment tool which can be used to communicate with parents, reinforce the judgements that teachers have made and demonstrate that a school has a robust assessment system in place. This is important for sharing information not only with families but also with Ofsted and governors too.

 Ofsted will take a range of evidence into account when making judgements, including published performance data, the school’s in-year performance information and work in pupils’ books and folders, including that held in electronic form. However, unnecessary or extensive collections of marked pupils’ work are not required for inspection.

DfE, 2016. Ofsted: School inspection handbook. Pg. 10. Crown Copyright

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