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The contents of this page are extracted from our 'The Results of B Squared’s “The Rochford Review: Final Report” Customer Questionnaire' that was first published in January 2017. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

At the end of October 2016, The Rochford Review: Final Report (The Report) was published by the Department for Education (DfE). At B Squared, we spent time deciphering and analysing the recommendations made within the report because we knew that if they were enacted they would have a big impact on assessment practices for the majority of our customers. In light of this, we wanted to give our customers an opportunity to voice their opinions so we created a questionnaire and invited them to respond. To gather additional viewpoints, we also sent the invitation to the members of the SLD Forum. We wanted to understand what educational professionals felt about The Report and the implications of The Group’s recommendations.

The questionnaire ran for 25 days and we had a total of 325 responses. A broad range education professionals responded to our questionnaire, the majority (87%) were people who work in special education settings, with 9% from people who work in mainstream settings and 2% from people who work in Alternative Provisions. When it came to the phase of education that they worked in, 58% of people work in settings with primary education provision, 58% work in settings with secondary education provision, 25% work in settings with early education provision, and 15% of respondents work in settings with further education provision. The types of jobs our respondents identified as included TAs, teachers, senior leaders and others. The largest proportion of responses (34%) were from teachers. A further 23% of respondents identified themselves as Subject or Department Leaders and 20% of respondents identified themselves as Head teachers.

The majority of respondents (55%) stated that, on the whole, they agreed with The Report’s recommendations, while only 5% of respondents stated that they disagreed. The remaining 40% of respondents stated that they were undecided. Opinions were divided on the recommendations regarding the new performance descriptors, whether data be submitted for pupils not engaged in subject specific learning and assessing using the four broad areas of need.  Opinions were closer in agreement when it came to the seven aspects of cognition and learning, Initial Teacher Training (ITT), Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and collaborative working and assessing pupils with EAL.


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