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Recommendation 4

The contents of this page are extracted from our 'The Results of B Squared’s “The Rochford Review: Final Report” Customer Questionnaire' that was first published in January 2017. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

A statutory duty to assess pupils not engaged in subject-specific learning against the 7 aspects of cognition and learning.

Our findings show that 88% of respondents agreed with this recommendation.

There was overwhelming support for this recommendation across all job roles. Teaching Assistants were the only group to have less than 80% agreement with this recommendation.

Only 49% of respondents were familiar with the Engagement Profile and Scale work undertaken by Professor Barry Carpenter OBE and the Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Research team.

We asked respondents whether they felt that the seven areas of engagement demonstrated a hierarchy of skill, a breadth of skill, a combination of both or something else. The majority of respondents (76%) felt that these seven areas were a combination of both. They felt that the seven areas had different starting points but could be worked on simultaneously. Responsiveness starting first, other areas come in as the pupil develops. The remaining respondents were split pretty equally between the hierarchy, breadth and other.

We wanted to know when respondents felt that a child would start to be engaged in subject specific learning. We asked respondents to use the current P scale as an indicator of where they felt subject specific learning should start to be assessed. The table below shows the P levels which were identified by more than 5% of respondents.
















The majority of respondents (58%) felt that subject specific learning should start between P4 and P6.

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