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Recommendation 5

The contents of this page are extracted from our 'The Results of B Squared’s “The Rochford Review: Final Report” Customer Questionnaire' that was first published in January 2017. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

Following recommendation 4, schools should be free to decide their own approach to making these assessments according to the curriculum they use and the needs of their pupils.

Our findings show that 70% of respondents agreed with this recommendation.

We asked respondents whether their setting should design and build its own assessment system, 41% of respondents felt that this was possible but the majority of respondents felt that this was unrealistic due to the time and resources required to make the system effective and useful.

We asked respondents to identify what they take into consideration when choosing an assessment system. The responses have been listed below in order of popularity:

  • Pupil Attainment/Progress
  • Teacher workload
  • Staff confidence and competence
  • Accountability measures
  • A recognised system with extended functionality 
  • Communication with parents
  • School budget
  • Multi-agency work (therapists etc.)
  • External moderation of work
  • Transitioning (between school/key stage
  • Bespoke system

As would be expected, the priorities changed depending on the job role of the respondent. A high percentage of senior leaders were concerned with accountability measures, staff confidence and using a recognised system, whilst a high percentage of professionals working in alternative provisions put priority on transitioning pupils, communication with parents and multi-agency work.

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