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Recommendation 9

The contents of this page are extracted from our 'The Results of B Squared’s “The Rochford Review: Final Report” Customer Questionnaire' that was first published in January 2017. The document can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking here.

A statutory duty to assess pupils not engaged in subject specific-learning on the 7 areas of cognition and learning. There should be no requirement to submit this assessment information to the DfE, but schools should be required to report the number of pupils working below the pre-key stage standards. In addition schools must be able to provide evidence to support a dialogue with parents and carers, inspectors, school governors and those engaged in peer review to ensure robust and effective accountability for assessing pupils not engaged in subject specific-learning with SEND.

Our findings show that 63% of respondents agreed with this recommendation.

Currently pupil data for all students is submitted nationally at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Recommendation 9 would change that so only data for pupils working on subject specific learning would have to be submitted. The Government say that schools must be able to provide evidence to support the dialogue with parents and carer and external agencies, we asked respondents to identify how they would do this. The examples below represent either common responses or insightful statements:

  • Using Evisense (B Squared’s new evidence platform).
  • Digital and video evidence supported by teacher statements.
  • This has not been agreed yet. We, like other schools, will have to have some sort of quantitative scale, in addition to qualitative recording and video evidence.
  • B Squared data. EHC plan review meetings annually and termly targets linked to this shared with parents as a support plan.
  • We have individual targets which are measured. We also have written reports which describe the progress of an individual pupil.
  • Photos of children working, ILP folders (individual learning priorities) and annual review paper work.
  • Video is the only way to provide evidence.
  • Online collection of suitable evidence which could be accessed by all relevant parties when required.
  • The write up from lessons and reports from parents and outside agencies are going to be invaluable pieces of evidence for DfE.
  • Good pastoral care and strong links with community and good communication with parents.
  • I would hope that B Squared continue to provide us with a framework that we can ensure is meaningful to our parents/carers.


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