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Early Years

With the removal of School Pupil Tracker Online - SPTO, how will you assess pupils from September? Learn how our Primary Steps can take its place.

Primary Steps

Primary Steps is our primary assessment framework, following the 2014 Primary National Curriculum. The breakdown also includes updates in response to the removal of P Levels. We have removed our P Level content and replaced this with new levels relating to the new pre-key stage standards.

Primary Steps is one of our assessment frameworks within Connecting Steps. Connecting Steps is our assessment platform, designed to make the assessment process simpler. Teachers can record their assessments throughout the year, these can then be reviewed easily without additional work and a range of reports showing individual progress to whole school reporting for different cohorts can be produced. The power of Connecting Steps comes from the simple interface, ease of use and the data it provides. Our Primary Steps breakdown allows you to show progress towards End of Year Outcomes across all subjects and identify areas where pupils need support.

Inclusive Assessment

Primary Steps is designed to be used all pupils within a Primary school. You don't need to use one assessment system for your typical students and one system for your students with SEND. Primary Steps covers academics (Cognition & Learning) and we are currently working on the remaining three of the four broad areas of need, (Communication & Interaction, Social & Emotional Mental Health and Sensory & Physical) in line with the recommendations in the Rochford Review. It is designed to be used by mainstream pupils and pupils with SEND.