Teachers: are you struggling to define "GOOD PROGRESS" for pupils working below Age Related Expectations?

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Tuesday 13th November 7-8pm

What is good progress?

This is a question that we are being asked a lot. There is no guidance from the Government on what is good progress for pupils with SEND or pupils working below Age Related Expectations. With the changes to assessment and curriculums over the last 4 years, schools are finding it harder than ever defining "GOOD PROGRESS". To help schools, we have decided to run a FREE webinar on the subject. If you have ever asked yourself this question or heard it being asked around the staff room, then please come and join us as we delve into this (now) complex topic.

"Schools often spend a large amount of time producing data, but only limited time looking at the data. It should be the other way around. Data gives us the questions to ask not the answers!"

Dale Pickles, Managing Director, B Squared Ltd   



Defining good progress is not about producing graphs and putting them in a folder, it's about understanding data and asking questions. Schools can then use these questions and their answers to inform decision making. These questions will help us when we ask is progress good enough? There is no set rule, especially for pupils with SEND.

During the webinar I will discuss the following questions:

  • What is good progress?
  • Do I get my judgements from my data?
  • Am I measuring the right thing?
  • What does good progress look like?
  • How important is engagement?
  • Is tracking towards outcomes the answer?
  • Linear progress vs non-linear progress
  • What do I tell Ofsted?

About B Squared

B Squared has over 20 years’ experience in Education assessment. Over 40,000 teaching staff use our assessment software, adding more than 500,000 assessment points every week. Connecting Steps has been developed to help staff to identify and record even the smallest of achievements. The assessment frameworks within Connecting Steps cover a wide range of abilities and can be used from birth to 25. This makes it ideal for Mainstream Schools and SEND settings, as well as for SEND pupils in Mainstream Schools.

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