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Are You Using Evidence Effectively?

Evisense is our evidence for learning system. It gives schools a secure and easy way to capture, organise and share evidence. User our Evisense app to capture photos and videos in the classroom to showcase their achievements

Not all progress can be shown by a graph. Pupils may be making small steps of progress, increasing their breadth, working towards their EHCP Outcomes or they could be working at low attainment levels and not producing written work. Photos and videos are a powerful way to show a pupil's achievements

Why not book an online meeting to find out more about Evisense and how it can help you.


"We had a really helpful meeting with Dale where he showed us and talked us through the program. He was really knowledgeable and was able to answer our many, many questions!" Claire Murless

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An Easy Way to Capture Evidence of Progress for Pupils with SEND

Evisense is a revolutionary tool for schools that stores and showcases events from a child’s time in education. This easy-to-use app provides valuable evidence of pupil progress and supports assessment in schools. Evisense can be used to record a pupil’s achievements and development through photos, videos, audio and documents. It is designed to be used from Early Years through to adolescence and beyond. It’s an ideal solution for supporting SEN in the classroom.


"We can now easily store, filter and use photos and videos of our students' learning
to show achievement and progress in a relevant and meaningful way"

Lisa Galfredi, Class Teacher, Redburn School

How does Evisense Work?

The Evisense app is used on tablets and mobile devices to quickly take video/photo or audio evidence of a child’s work. Tap the big camera icon at the bottom of the screen and snap a bunch of photos and videos very quickly and in the moment, using the Quick Camera mode. Make assessing pupil progress easy by adding and viewing additional areas such as the 4 broad areas of need and Characteristics of Effective Learning and link them with evidence.  Use your desktop with a larger screen to view, organise and add additional information at a later date. It can be used across most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones and Amazon Fire tablets.

If you would like a demonstration, why not book an online meeting. Meetings last approx. 30 mins, we share our screens and can talk about how you can use it for your individual setting.



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How can Evisense benefit my school?

By moving from a paper-based system to a digital one that embraces the use of mobile technology, we eliminated a large amount of time and effort and added several benefits. Teachers can:

  • Never miss a ‘wow’ moment by recording video/audio evidence or taking digital photos
  • Link evidence of learning directly to pupil assessments*
  • Dictate observations verbally in the classroom – editable at a later date
  • Boost parental engagement by sharing evidence of progress with parents instantly
  • Save time - makes annual reporting easier
  • Store all data safely and securely in accordance with GDPR


20,000 pieces of evidence are being added every month, helping teachers prove their academic judgements, and make annual reporting easier, all organised and securely stored in the cloud.

*When linked to Connecting Steps, our proven assessment software package, used in over 3,000 schools.

"Evisense enables us to store evidence securely, share good practice, improve our whole school approach
to assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes."

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Headteacher, Applefields School

Find out more about Evisense by booking an online meeting where we will share our screen with you and show you exactly how it will work in your setting. Just choose a convenient date and time from the calendar. There is no obligation and you can trial Evisense free for 3 months.



Safe and Secure


Secure camera mode

Evidence is captured and stored securely inside the Evisense app. The evidence does not appear in the camera roll and cannot be accessed outside the app.


Only authorised devices can access Evisense

Mobile device restrictions mean all mobile devices have to be authorised by an administrator before they can log in. Authorisation can be removed when a device is no longer in use at school.


GDPR compliant

Legal obligations are now in force for Data Processors (companies like B Squared), who process data on behalf of Data Controllers (schools). B Squared is fully GDPR compliant. We also have a knowledge base of articles and FAQ’s that cover all the information schools may require.


All evidence is encrypted and only visible by your school

Photo and video evidence is encrypted at the point of capture, in the Evisense app. Only personnel authorised by your school have access to your school’s evidence.


Central administration portal

Schools can manage all students, groups and users and the various options from our secure and easy to use MyBSquared Portal. If your school is already using Connecting Steps, you are already set up!


Multiple user levels

Within the school there are multiple user levels. Teaching Assistants can record and edit the evidence they capture. Teachers can record and edit their own evidence and any evidence captured by a Teaching Assistant. Administrators can capture evidence and edit evidence captured by any user.


Easily manage inappropriate posts

Anyone can ‘report’ a post and it is immediately removed from sight. The safeguarding leads are informed, who can then review the post and decide on the correct course of action.



Schools can track all users’ activity including views and downloads for auditing purposes, ensuring schools remain compliant with data protection laws.


"All data is stored in secure data centres within the UK, monitored 24/7 by B Squared
and backed up every 15 minutes. We have provided 99.9%
uptime over the last 5 years"

Jon Twycross, Chief Product Officer, B Squared Ltd