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“It’s brilliant that BSquared keeps up with the all the changes and meets the DfE’s latest requirement. It is enormous help for us as we are a very small special school. Thank you!”

Beatrix Szeszak, Headteacher, NICE – Centre for Movement Disorders

“We currently use B Squared, but I learnt things tonight about our current package that I didn’t know. Something to try out tomorrow. Thank-you!”

Sarah Bowers, SEN Teacher, Overley Hall School

Our Previous Webinars

If you have missed a webinar, don’t worry! All our previous webinars are here for you to watch at any time.

Showing pupil progress on the Milestones and Curriculum for Excellence Webinar

We want to make sure that schools in Scotland are getting the most out of our software! This webinar is just for Scottish schools – to help you understand how to use Connecting Steps and Evisense to show your pupils’ progress.

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B Squared Q&A Session Webinar

Our Managing Director Dale and Chief Product Officer Jon answer questions, highlight new features, and explain the benefits for your school. Watch this webinar to hear answers to customers' frequently asked questions and stay up to date with the latest developments here at B Squared.

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Autism Profiling with Autism Progress Webinar

This webinar explains how your school can use Autism Progress to better understand, support and improve outcomes for your autistic students. More and more pupils are coming into schools showing autistic traits but there is limited external support available. Autism profiling can help you understand how autism impacts each individual.

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Introduction to the new and improved Evisense Webinar

Watch this webinar to see our NEW Evisense in action. It’s a complete overhaul of our existing system, including a long list of great new features to help your school capture and share the progress your pupils make and simplify your communication with pupils, parents and external professionals.

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Assessing ALL pupils in one system using Connecting Steps Webinar

Watch this webinar to find out how to assess, analyse and identify next steps for ALL of your pupils in one easy to use inclusive system. Connecting Steps provides inclusive Primary School assessment for children working at Age Related Expectations and those with SEND.

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Connecting Steps Advanced Features Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to the new Advanced Features in Connecting Steps. Watch to find out how our Advance Features will make it easier to summarise and share progress and save teachers' time.

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B Squared Analytics Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to the new B Squared Analytics Platform. Are you spending a long time in Excel analysing data? Are you comparing groups of students but still not getting meaningful data? Watch this webinar to find out how much time we can save you.

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Analysing Data for Pupils with SEND Webinar

This webinar is about how to analyse progress for pupils with SEND. It covers different types of progress and why you would use them. Then outlines the process you should use to analyse your data and how to share this information with others.

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Target Setting for Pupils with SEND Webinar

How should schools set targets for pupils with SEND? Watch this webinar to find out how schools can set, manage and review targets in a way that will benefit your pupils with SEND.

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Preview of B Squared Analytics Platform

Are you sending hours analysing attainment data against judgements/expectations? Watch this webinar to find out how our new analytics platform will simplify and speed up your analysis of pupils' progress.

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Assessing Progress for Pupils Working Out Of Year Group

Struggling to show progress for pupils working outside of their year group? Find out how schools should assess pupils working 'below' ARE.

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Understanding the Engagement Model with B Squared Hosted by SENsible SENCO

Talking to SENsible SENCO about the requirements of the Engagement Model to help SENCOs understand what it means for their school.

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Connecting Steps V5 Reports

In this webinar I demoed our new reports section in Connecting Steps V5. This adds a number of reports to Connecting Steps V5 with the main focus on individual progress! There are a number of new reports to show different types of progress. We have also given schools more flexibility

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Connecting Steps V5 Launch

Today is the day we launched Connecting Steps V5 to our customers worldwide! Connecting Steps V5 is a big step forward for our customers, faster and easier and works on iPads and other tablets as well as PCs. Connecting Steps V5 is designed to save time and help schools to

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Introduction to our new Curriculum for Wales Assessment Frameworks

A webinar introducing schools in Wales to our new assessment frameworks for the new Curriculum for Wales 2022. We have use the Statements of What Matters and the Descriptions of Learning to create assessment frameworks to show small steps of progress for pupils with ALN. Our frameworks cater for pupils

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Connecting Steps V5 Preview

The B Squared team has been working on a major upgrade to our existing Connecting Steps assessment software for the past 12 months. We are beyond excited to share the news with you that it’s nearly ready.

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Removal of P Levels – 2 Years On What Has Changed & How Have Schools Responded?

The removal of P Levels has been a long journey, that has taken 7 years to complete. A lot of people think that the removal of P Levels started with the ‘Rochford Review: Final Report’ that was released in October 2016. It actually started in the summer of 2013, when

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Working together to support Communication & Interaction

Angharad Welch, a speech and language therapist had some great advice for schools on Communication & Interaction and how schools can work with their Speech and Language Therapists to get the best outcomes for their students.

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Helping Governors and External Agencies to Effectively Judge Progress for Pupils with SEND

In this webinar, I explore all the different ways schools can present their progress and how governors and external agencies can use this information to truly understand the impact of teaching and how the students are progressing, however that progress is measured and represented.

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Q&A Webinar with Dale Pickles

Dale runs our latest webinar this month. Breaking from tradition, we invited people to ask us any questions they had. Dale's webinar delivers the answers to these and expands upon them significantly and provides links to useful resources.

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Evidence for Learning – The Smart Way

A webinar introducing Evisense and it's features. We have previously gone into great depth when delivering our training webinars. This time we wanted to take a step back and give an overview of Evisense's features.

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Curriculum for Excellence – Evaluate Progress Across the Scottish Curriculum the Easy Way – B Squared Products for Scotland

Over the last few years we have been developing our Steps to Excellence assessment framework to give teachers the ability to track the small steps of progress pupils with ASN make. Steps to Excellence covers from the Pre-Early Milestones through to Fourth level across the 8 areas of the Curriculum

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What is Good Progress?

What is good progress is a question we have been asked a lot over recent years. The removal of Levels and now also P Levels has left schools unsure on the progress pupils with SEND should make. Our webinar below is designed to help schools answer that question.

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Transitioning to Our New Frameworks

This webinar is to help customers understand how easy it is to transition to the new frameworks with Connecting Steps. It also answers a number of questions we have already been asked as well as others we believe we will be asked in the coming weeks.

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