Autism Profiling with Autism Progress Webinar

More and more pupils are coming into schools showing autistic traits but there is limited external support available. Autism is a spectrum and there is no one way that works for all pupils. Autism profiling can help to understand how autism impacts each individual.

In this webinar, our MD Dale Pickles explains how your school can use Autism Progress to better understand, support and improve outcomes for your autistic students. He demonstrates how autism profiling can help teachers to:

  • Build a profile across Communication, Social Interaction, Emotional Regulation and Flexibility of Thought (based on SCERTS).
  • Understand how unique each autistic pupil is, so you can support them more effectively.
  • Use the profile information as part of a pupil’s one page profile and share with external professionals.
  • Use strategies provided to support pupils based on their needs, not a generic approach to autism.
  • This is not a diagnosis tool, it can be used before or after a diagnosis.

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