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Schools have trusted the B Squared team for over 25 years. Connecting Steps, our assessment software delivers all the information in a user-friendly format that schools need to improve pupil outcomes, free up teaching time and simplify reporting for senior leaders. Evisense, our evidence of learning platform allows teachers to easily and securely record and share evidence. It can be used with schools’ chosen mobile devices for evidence capture ‘on the go’.

Training for Education, our new online CPD is a great way to get all staff CPD around leadership, SEND and other areas. And finally, our award winning podcast, the SENDcast. The SENDcast is a great way to gain knowledge around SEND. From classroom best practice to supporting SENCOs.

Our products are designed to reduce teacher workload, not increase it!

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Connecting Steps

Connecting Steps simplifies tracking, assessing and reporting progress. It works differently to other assessment software, focusing on continuous assessment to help pupils achieve their full potential.

Designed from the start to be flexible and easy to use, Connecting Steps saves teachers’ time. Multiple inclusive frameworks allow schools to track the progress of pupils working at age related expectations (ARE) and pupils with SEND across early years and primary. It also supports pupils with SEND all the way to age 25.

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Evisense is a revolutionary tool for schools that allows teachers to capture and share evidence of learning. It is the most secure and accessible evidence platform available.

Use our mobile app to collect photos, videos, audio files, documents and observations and share with parents instantly to boost parental engagement. Evidence can be organised and filtered in multiple ways to suit your school’s needs. Link Evisense to Connecting Steps to get a complete picture of pupil progress.

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Training for Education

Training for Education is a new way for schools to access CPD across a range of areas including school improvement, leadership and Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). Training for Education provides schools with indepth content that schools can access forever, building a library of CPD they can access in the future.

Our Virtual SEND Conferences are a real conference with a big difference… you attend it online from where you are! We have created SEND focused training that everyone in a school can access.

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The SENDcast is a weekly podcast focusing on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).
It is a new way to keep up to date with policy changes, best practice and to improve your knowledge around SEND.

It is a great way for all staff in a school to learn about different aspects of SEND, from classroom based approaches, to helping children deal with anxiety and grief. We also covered subjects like supporting pupils with SEND at home and advice for SENCOs around workload and whole school approaches.

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The 7th Virtual SEND Conference
The no.1 online Special Educational Needs conference! Hear from 12 expert speakers focused on improving outcomes for pupils with SEND. Available now, one £60 ticket gives access for your whole school.


Virtual SEND Conference

Can’t Show Pupil Progress?

Schools we work with often face the same challenge – “We are struggling to show progress for our pupils working below age related expectations”.

Many schools know their pupils are making progress, but that progress may be slow and doesn’t show up in their current system. Connecting Steps assessment software was developed to address this problem. To show small steps of progress we have created assessment frameworks that break achievements down into smaller steps that lead up to mastering a skill.

These steps can be used to build a bigger picture of each pupil’s learning and achievements. Skills gaps and areas for improvement can be identified and worked on to ensure pupils are able to achieve their full potential. These achievements can be quickly and easily demonstrated with photo/video evidence of learning using our evidence management system, Evisense.

Want an easy way to show pupil progress?

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“In a quick glance, you can see the progress a child makes. It is easy to use and quick to get a progress update.”

Jacqui, SENCO, Broadwater Down Primary School

SEND Assessment: Life After P-Levels

The Department for Education (DfE) are no longer using P-Levels for statutory assessment for pupils with SEND.

We ran a webinar after the announcement called “Are you Ready for the Removal of P Levels?” It introduces the pre-key stage standards – the new teacher assessment framework for pupils working below the national curriculum assessment standards. The webinar also addresses the challenges schools face by its introduction, including what to use to assess pupils working below Year 1.


Don’t Worry – We Can Help

The new pre-key stage standards should not be used for ongoing assessment! Schools need more than this to show the progress pupils with SEND make. Don’t worry we can help! We have introduced a range of assessment frameworks to do just this, supporting schools’ to move away from P Levels.

Our Assessment Frameworks For ‘Life After P-Levels’

Engagement Steps

For pupils not yet engaged in subject specific learning. Engagement Steps covers the four broad areas of need and the seven aspects of engagement.

Primary Steps

For pupils with SEND engaged in subject specific learning in primary schools. For pupils working below Year 1 or working out of year group.

Progression Steps

For pupils engaged in subject specific learning. Starts at the pre-key stage standards and continues up, covering a wide range of subjects.

Want an easy way to show pupil progress?

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Curriculum for Excellence

Our frameworks for schools in Scotland to support the Curriculum for Excellence, Milestones and SQA Nationals 1-4

We have worked with schools in North Lanarkshire to create products to support evidencing of the CfE experiences and outcomes (Es & Os) and the tracking of CfE assessment benchmarks and pre-early level milestones.Our Steps to Excellence assessment framework covers the 8 CfE Curriculum areas from Early to Fourth Level & Pre-Early Level Milestones.

Watch our Curriculum for excellence Webinar

Schools in Scotland use Connecting Steps and Evisense together to record and highlight academic progress and wider achievements. This can be shared with parents, enabling them to engage their children about the day’s learning. Evidence can be linked to GIRFEC, SHANARRI or the DYW.

Curriculum for Wales

Since the announcement of the new Curriculum for Wales for 2022, we have been developing new frameworks for schools in Wales.

Our new assessment frameworks use the Statements of What Matters and the Descriptions of Learning to show small steps of progress for pupils with ALN. Our frameworks cater for pupils working within the Welsh Progression Steps, pupils working on the Routes for Learning and pupils working below Progression Step 1, but above the Routes for Learning.

Watch Curriculum for Wales 2022 Webinar

One of the concepts that the Curriculum for Wales has introduced is the Four Purposes. These should be the starting point and aspiration for schools’ curriculum design. Schools can link evidence in Evisense to these Four Purposes so that they can demonstrate how they are supporting their pupils work towards them.

What our Schools are Saying

“Great customer service over the telephone and via email. Our existing system was updated in no time at all and we are really pleased with the outcome, including the Pre-Key Stage standards, Primary Steps and Engagement Steps.”

“Amazing product, is so useful to show steps of progress and I use it to influence planning and IEP targets. I currently use the old paper version but the new software looks very time efficient and easy to use.”

“The meeting was excellent and gave me all the information I needed without being over whelming. It sold itself really- it is just what we need and I am really looking forward to using it.”

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