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Are You Struggling to Show Pupil Progress?

B Squared products are all about showing the small steps of progress pupils with SEND make. With a range of products to suit a wide range of abilities and ages, you will find a product to fit your needs.

Our Connecting Steps assessment software makes teachers' lives easier and saves them time, by helping them identify next steps and helping them show the progress the pupil has made in a variety of ways. The information Connecting Steps creates also supports more meaningful communication with parents.

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"We had a really helpful meeting with Dale where he showed us and talked us through the program. He was really knowledgeable and was able to answer our many, many questions!" Claire Murless

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Connecting Steps V5 is here! Watch our webinar

On Thursday 6 May we rolled out our exciting new, faster Connecting Steps V5. It's a FREE upgrade for all of our existing V4 customers. This is a major development for our assessment software, making it quicker and easier for you to demonstrate your pupils' progress. The webinar covers everything you need to know about V5 and how it will help your school get more out of your assessment data. Click here to watch our webinar


Connecting Steps Assessment Software



Pupil Tracking and Evidence of Learning Software

Schools have trusted the B Squared team for over 20 years. Connecting Steps, our assessment software delivers all the information in a user-friendly format that schools need to improve pupil outcomes, free up teaching time and simplify reporting for senior leaders. Evisense, our evidence of learning platform allows teachers to easily and securely record and share evidence. It can be used with schools’ chosen mobile devices for evidence capture ‘on the go’. 

Our products are designed to reduce teacher workload, not increase it!

Connecting Steps - Show Small Steps of Progress

Connecting Steps simplifies tracking, assessing and reporting progress. It works differently to other assessment software, focusing on continuous assessment to help pupils achieve their full potential. 

Designed from the start to be flexible and easy to use, Connecting Steps saves teachers’ time. Multiple inclusive frameworks allow schools to track the progress of mainstream pupils across early years and primary education. It also covers pupils with SEND from birth to age 25 and includes functional skills, life skills and employability skills.

Connecting Steps is the easiest way to show the progress pupils make, however small!

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Connecting Steps Assessment Software


Evisense - Evidence Their Learning

Evisense is a revolutionary tool for schools that allows teachers to capture and share evidence of learning. It is the most secure and accessible evidence platform available.

Use our mobile app to collect photos, videos, audio files, documents and observations and share with parents instantly to boost parental engagement. Evidence can be organised and filtered in multiple ways to suit your school’s needs. Link Evisense to Connecting Steps to get a complete picture of pupil progress.

We believe in Evisense so much, we offer a 3 month trial of Evisense completely free!

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Great evaluation tool

“In a quick glance, you can see the progress a child makes. It is easy to use and quick to get a progress update.”

Jacqui, SENCO, Broadwater Down Primary School

The 5th Virtual SEND Conference is on 21 May

The no. 1 online Special Educational Needs Conference has another 12 expert speakers lined up to help improve outcomes for pupils with SEND at your school. Register your interest here to find out more and get exclusive discounts.


Connecting Steps Assessment Software



Can't Show Pupil Progress?

When schools come to us looking for help with their pupil tracking, the first question we ask is - what's the problem? The most common response by far... "We are struggling to show progress for our pupils!"

Many schools know their pupils are making progress, but that progress may be slow and doesn’t show up in their current system. Connecting Steps assessment software was developed to address this problem. To show small steps of progress we have created assessment frameworks that break achievements down into smaller steps that lead up to mastering a skill.

These steps can be used to build a bigger picture of each pupil’s learning and achievements. Skills gaps and areas for improvement can be identified and worked on to ensure pupils are able to achieve their full potential. These achievements can be quickly and easily demonstrated with photo/video evidence of learning using our evidence management system, Evisense.

Want to show pupil progress quickly and easily?

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SEND Assessment: Life After P-Levels

Following the Rochford Review, the Department for Education (DfE) confirmed that P-Levels would no longer be used for statutory assessment of pupils with SEND. Shortly afterwards we ran a webinar called “Are you Ready for the Removal of P Levels?” It introduces the pre-key stage standards - the new teacher assessment framework for pupils working below the national curriculum assessment standards. The webinar then goes on to address the challenges schools face by its introduction.

Don't Worry - We Can Help

The new pre-key stage standards are too narrow to be used for ongoing assessment! Schools need more than this to show the progress pupils with SEND make, provide next steps and allow them to use an individualised curriculum. Don’t worry we can help! We have introduced a range of assessment frameworks to do just this, supporting schools’ move away from P Levels.

Our Assessment Frameworks For 'Life After P-Levels'

Engagement Steps

For pupils not yet engaged in subject specific learning. Engagement Steps covers the four broad areas of need and the seven aspects of engagement. More...

Progression Steps

For pupils engaged in subject specific learning. Starts at the pre-key stage standards and continues up, covering a wide range of subjects. More...

Primary Steps

For pupils engaged in subject specific learning in primary schools. A fully inclusive assessment framework, for mainstream and SEND pupils. More...

Our Assessment Products Can Help Your School Show Pupil Progress

We have developed multiple assessment frameworks to show pupil progress that meet a full range of schools' needs.


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EYFS (0-5 yrs)

Our Early Steps assessment framework covers all 7 areas of learning from birth to the Exceeded Early Learning Goals (ELG).

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Primary (5-11 yrs)

Our Primary Steps assessment framework works alongside the End of Year Programmes of Study for use across the whole school.

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SEND (0-25 yrs)

Our widely used SEND assessment frameworks have been created for 'Life after P-Levels' in response to the Rochford Review.

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Scotland (4-14 yrs)

Our Steps to Excellence assessment framework covers the 8 CfE Curriculum areas from Early to Fourth Level & Pre-Early Level Milestones.

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Wales (3-11 yrs)

Our Curriculum for Wales Foundation assessment framework covers all 7 areas of learning. Our Key Stage 2 framework covers levels 1 to 5.

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Autism (all ages)

Our autism profiling tool, Autism Progress helps identify how an individual's autism affects them & recommends support strategies.

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Need help deciding which framework is right for your school?

We've tried to be clear on how the frameworks fit together. But it is often easier to have someone talk you through the different options. An online meeting lasting around 30 minutes is a great way to find out how your school can use our pupil tracking software. Click to arrange a time that suits you.

"Great customer service over the telephone and via email. Our existing system was updated in no time at all and we are really pleased with the outcome, including the Pre-Key Stage standards, Primary Steps and Engagement Steps."

Carolyn Sykes, Assistant Head Teacher/SENCo, Ferndale Primary School

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