Capture Evidence for Learning for Pupils with SEND

Evisense is a revolutionary tool for schools that stores and showcases events from a child’s time in education. This easy-to-use app provides valuable evidence of pupil progress and supports assessment in schools. Evisense can be used to record a pupil’s achievements and development through photos, videos and more. It is designed to be used from Early Years through to adolescence and beyond. It’s an ideal solution for supporting SEN in the classroom.

“Evisense enables us to store evidence securely, share good practice, improve our whole school approach to assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes.”

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Headteacher, Applefields School

Evisense - Evidence for Learning

Evisense is a powerful evidence for learning system. The social media style interface for staff and parents is simple to use, but extremely powerful. Our apps for iPhone, iPad, android (tablet and phone) and Kindle Fire means whatever device you are using, you can use the Evisense app.

A number of features make Evisense the most secure evidence for learning system. A number of controls ensure data is safe and evidence can only be accessed by the right people. If you use Evisense and Connecting Steps together, you can link evidence to the skills in Connecting Steps. You can then view the evidence from within Connecting Steps.


It is quick and simple to capture evidence. Use the Evisense app to capture photos, videos or audio recordings. Tag the evidence to a pupil, add your annotation and click Post.

Powerful Evidence

When you add evidence, you can link the evidence to a range of aspects like EHCP outcomes, IEP targets and more. You can then filter the evidence across the whole school.


Share the evidence you collect with parents to help boost parental engagement. Schools can control parental access. It is up to you if parents can comment or add their own evidence.


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Capturing Evidence of Pupil Progress is Easy with Evisense

Using Evisense is easy. We have apps for iPhone (and iPod touch, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and Amazon Fire tablets. Teachers and parents use the same app. However, parents will only be able to acccess Evisense if the schools has given access and they will be limited to their child and only the evidence a school has shared with them.

Looking for more information on how Evisense can help your school?

We have a whole website dedicated to Evisense. You can find out about all the features of Evisense or watch all our Tips and Tricks videos. The videos shows you how you can use Evisense in your school and how you can use Evisense to engage with parents.

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