A Powerful Parental Communication Tool for Schools 

Evisense is more than just a tool for collecting and sharing evidence for learning. Evisense is a powerful school-parent communication hub. Featuring a simple, easy to use social media style interface, Evisense is a great way to boost parental engagement to improve pupil outcomes.

Simplify Communication with Parents

Using Evisense as a parental communication tool

Watch this 1-minute video to see how Evisense can help schools reach out in meaningful ways to help parents actively support their child’s learning and development.

Quick and Easy Communication

Staff, students and parents can use the website or the Evisense app to create posts or respond to posts. Schools have lots of control around how they will use Evisense, which of the many features they will implement and what access they will give to parents.

“Evisense enables us to store evidence securely, share good practice, improve our whole school approach to assessment and track evidence against assessment outcomes.”

Samantha Hepworth, Assistant Headteacher, Applefields School

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Using Evisense to communicate with parents is a great way to boost parental engagement to improve pupil outcomes. The social media style interface is simple to use making it a powerful tool for connecting schools and parents. Our apps for iPhone, iPad, android (tablet and phone) and Kindle Fire means whatever device you are using, everyone can use the Evisense app.

Several features make Evisense the most secure evidence for learning system. We ensure data is safe and evidence can only be accessed by the right people. If you use Evisense and Connecting Steps together, you can link evidence to the skills in Connecting Steps. You can then view the evidence from within Connecting Steps.


Evisense’s easy to use social media style interface makes onboarding easy. Teachers and parents will feel instantly comfortable using an app that feels familiar.

Tell the Story

You can use multiple photos or videos in a post to tell the full story, not just the result. It is great for parents to see the progress and be able to talk to their child about the different stages


Evisense features powerful filtering so you can find the content you need. All users can filter the feed by post type. Teachers can also filter by group, student, curriculum and more.


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Organise Your Communication

Evisense features multiple post types to help organise and streamline communication. Users can view all the different posts types together in their feed or filter to a specific post type to find the information they want. There are several post types including:


Evidence of learning, capture evidence of attainment and link to skills from our paid for or FREE assessment content (assessment tracking features require an active Connecting Steps subscription).

Learning Opportunities

Share opportunities to learn with others. This could be a speech and language therapist sharing with teachers and parents what they need to give opportunities to practice.

Reading Diary

Share where the children are up to with their reading. Using our structured post feature, users are prompted to record the book the child is reading, the page and any comments.

Pupil Voice

Capture the pupil’s voice through audio, video or text, and keep a record of how it changes over time. This can be by the student themselves or supported by the school.

Wow Moments

Share those wow moments that happen in school with parents. It could be an award, an event or something that just happens.

Home School Diary

Share information between school and home instantly and discuss how to meet the pupil’s needs quickly and easily.

Looking for more information on how Evisense can help your school?

We have a whole website dedicated to Evisense. You can find out about all the features of Evisense or watch all our Tips and Tricks videos. The videos shows you how you can use Evisense in your school and how you can use Evisense to engage with parents.


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