Connecting Steps Advanced Features Webinar

Watch this webinar to find out how our new Advanced Features in Connecting Steps can save teachers so much time and make it easier to summarise and share progress with children and their parents. 

Our MD Dale Pickles explains how our Advance Features help teachers to:

  • Reduce time writing reports.
  • Summarise key next steps or key achievements instantly.
  • Translate reports into the pupil’s home language easily.
  • Share progress reports or next steps, with students, written for the child, to help them understand.
  • Generate lesson plans effortlessly by choosing targets, the topic and the resources you want to use.

Try our new Advanced Features for FREE straight after the webinar on 25 May

Our new Advanced Features launch on 25 May 2023, so you can give them a try straight after the webinar!

All existing Connecting Steps users will get FREE access until 31 July 2023.
From the new academic year, there will be a small fee of £1 per pupil, per year.

Once you’ve seen the time you can save and the ease with which you can summarise and share progress information with pupils and parents, we think you’ll agree this is great value for money.

These new features will enable you to:

  • Summarise key assessments that have been achieved, chosen by the teacher, into a nice short paragraph that can be written about the student or to the student.
  • Summarise key next steps, chosen by the teacher, into a nice short paragraph that can be written about the student or to the student.
  • Write lesson plans based on assessment points chosen by the teacher and topic and resources of your choice.

Dale has written a short guide on using Generative AI to reduce teacher workload. It explains how within Connecting Steps, we are using ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI services for privacy and security. It also gives step by step instructions on how to summarise key achievements, summarise next steps and create a lesson plan using our new Advanced Features. 

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