Preview of B Squared Analytics Platform

Watch the webinar to see B Squared MD, Dale Pickles:

  • Go through the reports that are already developed
  • Introduce our new standardised scoring system
  • Explain how we have implemented judgements/expectations around progress and attainment
  • Highlight the favourites system to save reports to use in the future, like termly and yearly
  • Explain how we can seamlessly merge data from Primary Steps (for SEND) and Primary Curriculum (non SEND) into a single data set

Great feedback from Teachers and SENCOs on our Live Chat during the broadcast


“Looks really good; I spend ages transferring to excel do this. A game changer!”  Paul Squire

“This update will be such a time saver – the progress trends is brilliant! I can’t wait to get this up and running in school.”  C Murless

“Seems to do pretty much everything we spend about 2 weeks doing every summer.”  Nicki Gilbert

“I can’t wait to archive the excel!! Really like how we can personalise to our setting so data can have a purpose!”  Mark Phillips

“That would save me at least 4 hours each half term!”  Claire

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