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Connecting Steps Assessment Software

Connecting Steps is our robust, proven assessment software package. Used in over 3000 schools around the world, the flexible assessment performs successfully in a wide range of schools

Connecting Steps is our assessment platform and it has been designed to work with a wide range of schools and curriculums. Connecting Steps V4, released in 2012, has transformed how teachers use assessment software. It was designed from the start to be easy to use, to save teachers time and be flexible enough to suit their needs. The software has to cater for a wide range of users - working with pupils on the EYFS has a very different set of requirements compared to teachers working with GCSE pupils. Connecting Steps has been designed to meet both their needs. Teachers can work or review individuals or whole groups. Each screen is designed to be clear, clean and simple: To record information you click on it, to view information you click on it. Keeping it simple ensures that teachers can use the software easily and they can see the information they require.

Connecting Steps works differently to other assessment systems. Instead of teachers giving a level at the end of each year, it is designed to be used throughout the year. Teachers record the small steps the pupils make and use these steps to build a bigger picture of the pupils' learning and achievements. Schools can use this detail to drill down and look at the data used to build reports. Subject leaders or the leadership team can use our Analysis Module (click here for more information) to look at whole school data and look for patterns. We have created the system to give schools a wide range of reports on the progress and attainment of pupils. Leaders can use this to identify areas of strength or weakness.

Benefits of Connecting Steps software:

  • Covers multiple curriculums – Early Years, Primary, Secondary, SEND and more
  • Transfers skills between subjects and curriculums
  • Curriculum breakdown shows progress within levels
  • Shows progress within a skill as pupils build up their knowledge
  • Works on multiple levels for a pupil, showing their range of abilities
  • Shows progress as a percentage over a month, term, year or Key Stage
  • Creates individual learning plans for a pupil
  • Can be used to share information with parents
  • Use with pupils for self-assessment
  • When curriculums change, assessments are carried forward
  • Transfers detailed assessments between schools, easing student transition
  • Imports pupils from your MIS
  • Use CSAM to provide in-depth reports across multiple student cohorts and for whole school analysis
  • Shows skills achieved between two dates
  • Shows the assessment points yet to be achieved
  • Highlights the next steps
  • Summarises pupils’ overall learning
  • Builds pie charts, bar charts and line graphs to show progress
  • Shows progression over any time period
  • Reports are automatically updated as assessments are recorded
  • Utilises assessment data throughout the year, not just a level given at the end of the year

Ease of Use

Within our Connecting Steps software, the method of recording and tracking results is straightforward. The simple, easy to use interface allows teachers to quickly and easily record pupils achievements, and annotate their learning with comments to help tell the story of the pupils journeys. When recording information, it isn't a case of can do it or can't do it, we have seven steps leading up to achieving a skill. Importantly, individual schools can tailor the number of steps according to their own needs. We also have an additional Step, which can be used to show consolidation of knowledge, or to show that the pupil has achieved a greater level of understanding.

Results can be displayed by individual student, by class, and by cohort – allowing teaching staff the freedom to choose how they would like to document progress– and can be condensed into a number of formats: pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. Results are automatically updated, and progress can be tracked across any time period. These results can then be built into reports, helping teaching staff monitor progress over time for individual pupils as well as across groups.

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