Evisense, a revolutionary tool for schools that will store and showcase events from a child’s time in education. Evisense will be used to record a pupil’s achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio and documents. Evisense is designed to be used from Early Years through to adolescence and beyond.

Using Evisense, teachers can take a photo or record a video, link this to a child, write what the evidence shows and add in the next steps - all in one go. There is no need to download the photos from a camera, send the photos off to be printed, wait for the photos to come back, sort the photos, write the comments and mount in the child’s individual journal. By moving from a paper-based system to a digital one that embraces the use of mobile technology, not only have we eliminated a large amount of time and effort, we have added a number of benefits.

Teachers can:

  • Record video or audio evidence as well as digital photos.
  • Link evidence directly to assessments.
  • Share with parents instantly (parents can also download photos to keep them permanently).

Evisense has to be quick and simple to use in the classroom environment. A teacher can take, link and annotate evidence using the app in under a minute. Schools can still use a digital camera and upload the photos or video through the web browser. Evisense has to fit into how a school or teacher works, so we have given schools multiple ways to use Evisense. Evisense can be used across a number of mobile devices and the functionality on all of the devices is the same:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Amazon Fire Tablets

Mobile devices are often seen as consumption devices; they are used to view information already present. We feel that the Evisense app will mainly be a producer. Users will use the device to take photos or record videos; they will then use the larger screen to view, organise and add additional information.

We know all schools have a mobile device policy, controlling what devices can be used within the school and for what purpose. Evisense works hand-in-hand with this policy and prevents unauthorised devices from being used with the system.

Evisense can be linked to Connecting Steps meaning that users, groups, students and curriculums are common between both. This reduces administration of Evisense to an almost non-existent level for Connecting Steps customers. A school can get up and running with Evisense in under three minutes. This simplicity makes Evisense easily accessible and removes the technical barriers when setting up a new system.

More Information

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